Multi-user Compatibility

With NeoCab you can run multiple taxi companies operating under different brand names. The advantage to users is that you don’t have to buy different instances of the app just for the purpose of managing the business efficiently.

Yet another advantage that forms a specialty feature of NeoCab is that you can outsource contract taxis to run under your brand name or offer franchise options to smaller taxi companies that would like to leverage your image as a great taxi company. For example, a minicab owner with as few as 2 or even 1 car can be linked to give cheap airport transfer or drop into the city area.

NeoCab app users even prefer our app for offering services to select areas within the city to the airport and back. Among our well-known customers are taxis booking London operators who specialize in minicab and airport pickup and drop services. Our app is built for infinite expansion without any limitation or restriction.