5Generate Automated Ride Packages and Reward Points

Rewarding loyal passengers and rewarding them with prudent benefits is an in-built feature in NeoCab app. This is a big advantage when it comes to retaining passengers who have been with you for a long time. Making a manual calculation and awarding points is a time-consuming process that can be delegated to the app. As a manager of your taxi dispatch system, you can instantly determine which passengers should be rewarded and how much.

Think beyond the passengers and even reward drivers who help to increase per-trip collection and who utilize fuel efficiently. For example, the NeoCab taxi booking software can keep an eagle’s eye on how rapidly your drivers are able to pick up passengers and the good feedback that they get. When your drivers perform well, it results in your brand image getting a facelift.

Regular rewards encourage passengers to opt for your service even if it means waiting a little longer than usual for an airport ride for example.