5Generate Reports and Analytics

At NeoCab we understand that the key to scaling new heights is in carefully analyzing data and converting them into actionable solutions for the management to decide and follow up with expansion programs. With this critical philosophy in mind, we endowed the NeoCab app with a module that is able to carefully interpret data in a human-readable format. You can choose between multiple formats that your staff and management will understand easily for implementation.

NeoCab analytics is enabled to capture data as it emanates and is never biased like the human mind. What you get is pure as crystal picture on which you can act with confidence. It is the perfect gateway to expand fleet, contract new independent taxi drivers, plan profitable routes for higher trip payment realization and overall get feedbacks that give passengers a satisfying journey. If you are not realizing the benefits or routes that have potential, then NeoCab is for you – it will guarantee you a whole lot of potential that you can unlock and take your business to the next higher level in a scientific manner.