Passenger App

Running a cab booking service is a complex task and to make it profitable, service cabs companies must automate at multiple levels to deliver impeccable services. NeoCab app is designed to make: taxi booking online and a long-distance taxi ride a seamless operation with minimum human intervention.

Features list

Automated Booking Online

NeoCab taxi booking app is a fully automated mobile cab booking solution and operates without human intervention. This ensures that operator fatigue does not pull down the quality of service at any time.

Centralized Fleet Management

The profitability of a taxi company depends on offering services at low prices and higher patronage. To achieve these objectives, taxi companies must manage their fleet efficiently – move the fleet to areas where there are demand cheap cabs but with bigger volume. This is exactly what NeoCab does – station cabs at demand areas instantly.

Multiple Trip Categories

No two passengers are the same and hence the need to provide multiple options. NeoCab app can offer service cabs for the cab for outstation rides as well as within city rides. That is not all; a taxi company can give multiple choices: cheap cabs, luxury cabs, airport service cabs, executive cabs and so on.

Easy Customization

NeoCab app is easily customizable to give your taxi company a unique look. You can have your own logo and create a brand image that will make your services easily visible to passengers for cheap taxi cab services. The screen is customizable too: you can add more screens, rearrange navigation and give features that your customers are looking for.

View Customer Feedback

Getting appropriate feedback is critical in taxi mobility service delivery. A well-developed taxi app like NeoCab puts the power of analyzing customer feedback will help you to make changes and empower your staff to offer better services resulting bigger collection of higher profits for you.

GPS Enabled

NeoCab is cloud compatible and is synchronized with GPS. This will give you a big advantage: you can at the admin panel see where the vehicles in the fleet are plying and order drivers to move to vantage points for picking up passengers without wasting fuel