Driver APP

The NeoCab Driver is an app that is designed and installed in drivers’ devices to connect the taxi driver with passengers seamlessly. This app bridges the communication gap between the taxi driver, public who use it for taxi hire, driver booking online and the taxi service company. It has endless numbers of rich features that drivers will love to have in their devices. Overall it aims to bring down driver fatigue level and increase more rides for better market leadership in the taxi service business.

NeoCab Driver app is loaded with features that help taxi drivers to save time, money and increase rides while on the mover. Cab companies find our driver app indispensable just like the drivers itself. Drivers can calculate taxi driver salary, taxi cost of operation, the number of trips that they service and a watch list for the next passenger to pick at the nearest point.

Our user-clients use the app to monitor vehicle movement with the help of GPS. It helps clients to take specific routes and inform drivers about potential traffic problems in particular areas that they service. Clients use it for calculating taxi driver salary, total trips made during a day and for getting feedback from taxi drivers for improving service levels.