Laminar Research Updates X-Plane to V11.51b, FlightSim Community Survey 2020 – Take Part Now, Orbx Announces Malmo Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, ZIM Scenery Provides New Previews for Narita Airport on P3D, Skyline Simulations Previews Dash 8 for XPL, CentralSim Previews Rafael Hernández Airport – Aguadilla for MSFS. Instructions are provided here. Downloading the update is easy regardless of which platform you’re on. It really is a case of “drag-drop-use”. full release notes on X-Plane’s official website. You can also contribute to Phoronix through a PayPal tip. X-Plane 11.50 Officially Released With Its Vulkan Renderer. With X-Plane 11.50 now available to the public, it has meant that Vulkan is now ready for people to try in their simulators.

He can be followed via Twitter or contacted via Phoronix Premium allows ad-free access to the site, multi-page articles on a single page, and other features while supporting this site's continued operations. Whilst X-Plane 11.50 focuses heavily on the new API engine, there was also a range of other changes that benefit customers of the platform. Category Archives: X-Plane 11 Post navigation ← Older posts. Products or services you may be interested in. Furthermore, scenery gateway allows you to share airports with other users and eventually many airports are included by default in the base project.

3 :: Ram :: 8 GB RAM All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. The plugin architecture of X-Plane 11 allows you to create your own modules, thus extending the functionality of the software by allowing you to create your own world or replica places on Earth. Since we opened our website in June 2016, we have grown from strength to strength delivering fair and impartial news, reviews, interviews, exclusives, competitions and more. This includes an additional 498 airports across the world, improvements to plane maker and numerous other improvements to the core of the flight simulator. In addition to supporting our site through advertisements, you can help by subscribing to Phoronix Premium. Blade Element Theory improves the type of simulation. The X-Plane 11 package is packed with several commercials, military, and other aircraft as well as global scenery which covers most of the earth. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. Written by Michael Larabel in Vulkan on 10 September 2020 at 09:58 AM EDT. Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy | Contact. The new effects for engine, lightning, sounds, and explosions are added. To find out more about what exactly Vulkan and metal do to provide greater performance and utilisation of your hardware, you should listen to our podcast with Ben Supnik who goes into a lot of detail about it all. 2 :: Processor: Intel Core I3 15 17 CPU with 2 or more cores/AMD FX-6300 Blade Element Theory along with computational aerodynamic models are often used to manipulate aerodynamic forces in real time. FSElite is proud to be one of the fastest growing flight simulation websites on the market and our growth continues to show that. After many, many, MANY beta releases, Laminar Research has finally made X-Plane 11.50 final and official. All rights reserved. I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of ‘2000 and have developed my love for aviation ever since. I have X Plane 11.5 installed, Reality XP GTN 750 installed and updated to the latest version which I use in the following aircrafts:- Alabeo M20R_Ovation_v1.3- Carenado C340 II_v1.1- Digital Replica Cessna 310L- MilViz CT310R V1.09 In ALL of them, the GTN 750 blends with the cockpit without any issues, can follow a flight plan and connects with the autopilot well for flying the plane. 3 :: Launch The Game View/download the files over here. NVIDIA Extends Fragment Shading Rate Extension In Vulkan 1.2.160, VKD3D-Proton 2.0 Released With More Direct3D 12 Games Now Running On Vulkan, Raspberry Pi's V3DV Vulkan Driver Can Now Run The Zink OpenGL Translation Layer, Zink Seeing macOS Support For OpenGL Over Vulkan Then MoltenVK On Top Of Metal, Vulkan 1.2.158 Released With Fragment Shading Rate Extension, DXVK 1.7.2 Released With Many Fixes For Direct3D Atop Vulkan, Valve Is Working On Another Extension To Help In Direct3D-Over-Vulkan, "Project X" - Pure Open-Source Coreboot Support On AMD Zen, Experimental Linux Patches Allow User-Space Peer-To-Peer DMA Between NVMe Drives, Airlie: "Why Sharing Code With Windows Isn't Always A Win", Apple Releases M1-Powered Apple Silicon Macs, macOS Big Sur Releasing This Week, Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Hitting ~95% Speed Of Native OpenGL Driver Performance, ASUS Offers First Motherboard Firmware Update Via LVFS+Fwupd For Linux Users, OpenMP 5.1 Released With Better Interoperability For CUDA / AMD HIP / OpenCL, Proton 5.13-2 Released With A Variety Of Game Fixes, VKD3D-Proton 2.0, Mageia 8 Linux OS Is Inching Closer To Release, SpiderMonkey's Warp Upgrade Is Ready For Firefox 83, Many More AMD Ryzen 5000 Series "Zen 3" Linux Benchmarks, Linux VirtIO Memory Prepares For "Big Block Mode", Mesa 21.0 RadeonSI Merges Buffer Modifier Support, New i10 I/O Scheduler Proposed For Linux To Optimize Batching, Linux 5.10 Adds Intel Alder Lake DPTF Support - Still A Thorn For Open-Source, OpenZFS 2.0-RC6 Released With More Fixes For ZFS On Linux / FreeBSD, Intel's Graphics Driver Now Sharing ~60% Codebase Between Windows/Linux, 90~100% The Performance, exFAT File-System Performance On Linux 5.9, Optimized Compiler Builds Are Well Worth It For Intel Tiger Lake. Busy, living airports and roaming fuel tanks are able to service both your aircraft and simulator AI Planes. 5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/AMD Radeon HD 7850 X-Plane 11 Free Download 2019 Multiplayer GOG PC Game Latest With All Updates And DLCs For Mac OS X DMG Worldofpcgames Android APK. New buildings and European roads are added in order to enhance a user’s experience. October news. 6 :: Space Storage:: 20 GB space, Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game, 1 :: Download Game The VSKYLABS R44 project is setting up a highly detailed and highly accurate Robinson R44 Raven II simulation along with full VR compatibility, stretching X-Plane 11 capabilities to its limits.

You can catch up on some of those in our past articles or by checking out the full release notes on X-Plane’s official website. Michael has written more than 20,000 articles covering the state of Linux hardware support, Linux performance, graphics drivers, and other topics. The X-Plane 11 package is packed with several commercials, military, and other aircraft as well as global scenery which covers most of the earth. Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020: Rien Ne Va Plus! Posted on October 25, 2020 by admin. Whilst X-Plane 11.50 focuses heavily on the new API engine, there was also a range of other changes that benefit customers of the platform. X-Plane 11 is a flight simulator developed by Laminar Research. 1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8/8./10 (64 Bit Processor) 2 :: Extract Game The simulator is a detailed, realistic and modern simulator. This includes an additional 498 airports across the world, improvements to plane maker and numerous other improvements to the core of the flight simulator. The 3D cockpit and stunningly high-resolution exterior models are included for an aircraft. Airfield Canada Previews Halifax on X-Plane 11, Navigraph Starts Navdata Update Beta Testing for MSFS, Airfoillabs King Air 350 Updated to Version 1.4, Vulkan Compatibility, Laminar Research Welcomes Feature Requests and Suggestions for XP.


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