Yes. It generates profile slug on Profile Update ( front and back-end ), Registration Process and viewing the Users in the back-end. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. allows you to have custom (not nested) valid forms in other profile tabs, Tweak: UM admins can see unapproved users on front-end members directory, Fixed: bug with custom profile templates (showing blank) resolved, New: added option to show user social links in profile header (optional), New: added option to display post featured image in profile “posts” tab, Tweak: improved error reporting for theme conflicts on photo upload, Fixed: issue with comments tab on profile, New: adds automatic body class to UM core pages automatically, Fixed: upload security issue – extension error was empty, New: added a logout template If user is already logged in (customizable), New: strong password formula not required when resetting password (optional), Fixed: jQuery issue with live() method – Thanks to Jim Wetton, Fixed: issue with saving user account general tab, New: official support for plugin extensions released, Tweak: added licensing support to plugin core, Fixed: security issue related to deleting a temp file via ajax, Fixed: bug with a php warning on undefined field type, Fixed: important correction from previous version, New: integration with comments to show user profile link instead of user link (not compatible with all themes), New: option to control maximum size of uploaded profile photo, New: option to control maximum size of uploaded cover photo, Tweak: URL fields will are now treated as hyperlinks, Fixed: bug with member directory privacy option, Fixed: bug with using # as a character in file or image upload, New: added {user_avatar_small} tag to display user photo in menu (requires extra css work), Tweak: Removed !important css rules from colors and backgrounds, New: improved & modern html e-mail templates, New: addon to transfer BuddyPress profile photos to Ultimate Member (user request), New: added option to turn off time bot feature (fixes conflict with plugins), Fixed: bug with numeric validation for a field, Fixed: bug with conditional logic rules with checkbox, Fixed: bug with e-mail activation since last update, Fixed: issue with social links showing but user did not fill them, Tweak: added a filter hook to control profile photo url, Tweak: harder random generated passwords by making the length 40 characters for a key/password, Tweak: added option to enable/disable custom css tab (off by default), Tweak: changed rewrite rules to be compatible with some themes and plugins, Fixed: bug with Role field not showing error when required and left empty, Fixed: bug with showing incorrect age when users did not fill their age, Fixed: issue with template name for custom profile templates, New: added support for mp3 as allowed filetype / upload, Fixed: bug with profile privacy option (on non-english sites), Fixed: uncommon php warning caused by um_get_user_avatar_url() function, New: Improved the default HTML e-mail templates design, New: added a bunch of action hooks to account tabs and content, Tweak: added a few template tags to use in email: {site_url}, {user_account_link}, Fixed: issue with making a checkbox required prior to registering, Fixed: issue with comments showing in posts tab under profile, Fixed: issue with plugin uninstallation link not showing in multisite, New: added option to send e-mails as HTML, New: added default HTML templates for e-mail notifications, New: added option to customize register form secondary button URL, New: added option to customize login form secondary button URL, Fixed: issue with global access lock when homepage is excluded, Fixed: minor css conflict with profile photo, Tweak: modified account page hooks to accept custom hooks easily, Fixed: important css issues with safari browser, Fixed: language notice will no longer show on (English UK/Other) wordpress sites, Tweak: minor changes to dashboard widgets, Tweak: added filters to registration form buttons, New: added option to disable Name fields from Account page, New: added support for custom profile templates selectable from template dropdown, Tweak: remove rows with no fields from profile view, Tweak: remove empty rows/row headings from profile, Fixed: removed plain password user meta key from all users, Fixed: issue with image upload when form has errors, Fixed: resolved issue with disabling profile menu / tabs, Tweak: Upload button text is made translatable, Tweak: added a protection to prevent wp-admin lockout for admin users, Tweak: new hook for account page form submitting (for developers), Fixed: issue with roles dropdown not saving its state, Fixed: issue with roles dropdown when made required in form, Tweak: show e-mail column in users backend, Fixed: issue with showing members directory on frontpage, Fixed: display name as search field in member directory, Fixed: translation issues in backend settings, Fixed: issue with non-english letters in display names, Fixed: bug with multiple default values for multi-select and checkbox fields, Fixed: bug with multiple conditional logic based on different checkbox values, Fixed: issue with registration where it can trigger a php warning, New: show user registration/joined date in profile and/or member directory, New: added facebook meta tags on user profiles (You have to disable facebook og tags in your SEO plugin), Tweak: sort users by default in “backend” by newest users first, Tweak: added a close icon to profile and account notices, Fixed: changed all time features to reflect WordPress installation time, Fixed: timestamp on registration info shows form submission date/day, Fixed: updated language files and new translation words, New: added a remember me checkbox to login forms by default (optional), Tweak: keep your users signed in even if they close browser (optional), Fixed: bug with double redirects (causing incorrect loop) after login on some sites, Tweak: when deleting users in backend, users will be deleted upon confirmation only, Tweak: deleted users content is assigned to admin by default (to avoid losing content), Fixed: include plugin js and css on specific pages only, Fixed: preview registration info in users backend, New: show registration info for each user in users backend, New: show user stats at a glance in plugin dashboard, New: sort users in backend by account status, New: added option to disable plugin css and js on homepage, Tweak: updated language and translations files, Fixed: issue with changing user role from Profile page, Fixed: php bug with user description that has links, New: added option to include plugin js/css only on specific pages (user suggestion), Fixed: issue with searching members with default permalinks used, New: added option to disable UM menu (fixes conflict with mega-menu on some themes/plugins), New: added option to disable strong password in Account / Password change tab, New: added a notice to Account page when user updates account, New: added translation downloader/updater in plugin dashboard, New: added admin notice when language is updated or downloaded, Tweak: redirect to login page by default if content is restricted, Tweak: redirect back to the protected content after successful login, Tweak: small modifications to plugin admin css, Fixed: issue with registration form per role not appearing (when logged in), Fixed: image and file uploads strip illegal characters from file name, Fixed: bug with role creation that have used slugs that exist in database, New: A more native dashboard for Ultimate Member, New: view your temp uploads directory size and purge it from dashboard, Fixed: user uploads bug with handling photo uploads at once, Fixed: issue with using UM role as search filter in directory, Fixed: a little icon issue with directory backend, Fixed: localized a few words from predefined fields, Fixed: important JS conflict in admin when UM is active, Fixed: profile permalink issue for e-mail usernames, Fixed: installation issue on some WP databases, Fixed: Multisite bug php Fatal error: call to undefined function wpmu_delete_user(), Tweak: improved performance: unused user photos are deleted when user upload, Fixed: display name field should be updated with wp_update_user and not in usermeta, Fixed: admin js and css should are loaded in UM backend only, New: added German (Deutsch) language support, Fixed: profile social links in member directory, Fixed: prevent storing user_pass in usermeta table, Fixed: php error triggered from um-access.php file, New: added option to block specific e-mail domains from registering, New: 2 new social profile fields: YouTube and SoundCloud, New: added option to show field icons in profile header, New: import/export plugin settings feature added to the backend, New: added option to duplicate forms in backend with one click, Fixed: adding HTML and iframe content to html-allowed textarea fields, Fixed: upload folders permissions with some configurations and servers, Fixed: live preview of profile forms in backend, New: added access control settings to custom post types, you can have custom access settings applied to your custom post types now, New: divider and spacing fields fully support conditional logic, Fixed: a couple of PHP warnings and errors have been resolved, Fixed: conflict with MailPoet plugin has been resolved, Tweak: line-breaks and automatic urls are now working for textarea fields, Tweak: updated ReduxFramework to latest version, Tweak: backend sentences are now properly localized / updated translation, Fixed: important issue with field positions in backend form builder, Fixed: issue with usernames that have spaces resolved, Fixed: conflict with page title in bbpress forums resolved, Fixed: issue with escaping the apostrophes resolved, Fixed: issue with loading more posts/comments in profile resolved.

The registration form is broken in a week. It does everything I was hoping for, and then some.

In the form builder, edit or add a select/multi-select field and add your callback function in. Now Let's see in deployment use. Ultimate Member Group Ltd Display job listings and allow employers to submit and manage jobs all from the front-end. The plugin makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members of your website. To create a new registration form hover your mouse over the Ultimate Member link in the admin dashboard menu and select forms from the Ultimate Member sub-menu. This will take you to the forms page which gives you an overview of your forms. Terms & Conditions – Add a terms and condition checkbox to your registration forms & require users to agree to your T&Cs before registering on your site. In addition to one of those two fields you should also add the password field so the user is able to login after successfully registering.


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