A few head look over to stare at the group, and without Hoshi, they couldn’t exactly wipe their minds of what they had just seen. ” Maki snaps, glaring at Saihara from across the classroom.

So, Kaito lets out a groan and moves his bento closer to the smaller boy. “I’d love to stay, but my sisters need me at home. “ I told you you should’ve studied.

“ Eugh… D-don’t say shit like that..! I don’t need to learn wh-what I already know..!” She whimpers.

You don’t need to buy anything for us, I think we have enough here as it is!” Kaede stammers. You were staring very intently at Tojo-san’s head. “Wh-wh-what..?! “I… was just rereading this,” He displays the cover of the worn paperback book-- a tile floor with blood flowing into a drain, the title reads “The Plague”-- and then places his equally worn bookmark inside, “The teacher gave us a list of old books, and we have to read them and write an essay on the themes and characters in the book, and how the themes can be reflected on in today’s literature. 2019-08-12 02:15:21 Identifier pmmm-ost Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review. Composer A mature-looking girl is one of the two people currently standing, moving from person to person and ensuring that they have what they needed, whether it be snacks, drinks, paper, or pencils. “God tells me… that Hoshi’s gonna go feed stray cats after this! Hoshi scowls and soon the bystanders look mildly confused and continue on their merry way.

“ What can I even make a special attack out of with a gun..? The antics continued until class resumed, and they were all surprised by a pop quiz about one of the subjects Kiibo went over the day before with those who stayed at the park. I’ve kept count.”.

“I have things to do at home.” He states, and promptly leaves. Tension begins to fill the air, even with the soothing presence of Himiko. The purple-haired boy then seems to get riled up with that action. ”. We live near each other, and you can sleep on her back, too!” She exclaims, and Himiko just shrugs in reply, mumbling that it’s fine and lifting her arms for Tenko to pick her up after she grabs both of their bags.

Yuki Kajiura You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud.

Since he was done with his explanation, he rubs the back of his neck again, and once more he was sitting near Hoshi, who makes a joking scoff about him being a show-off. There’s no competition for you all, meaning that you all can fight witches to your heart's content! “Himiko-san! You may be one mysterious young man, but God sees all.” She clasps her hand together in front of her.

“Oh yeah, Kiibaby’s like a walking calculator, isn’t he?” Ouma teases. Kiibo makes a motion as if to say ‘yeah, listen to her,’ as Ouma slides his chair over, grinning. “Plus, uh… I think it’d be suspicious if I received good marks on an assignment and nobody ever saw me reading.”. Need help?

“Huuuh?” Ouma sits up straight. Tojo looks slightly confused, twirling her hair around her finger. “Excuse me… we shouldn’t be fighting, could you maybe try to calm d--” She begins, cut off as the two yell at her in sync. “Ooh! “Tenko has to agree with Saihara-san on this one, even if he’s a men ace.” Tenko mumbles, pressing her index fingers together in front of her. You humans are bizarre creatures, but that’s what makes them unique as well. Stream 02-Salve, terrae magicae by BiYao24 from desktop or your mobile device “Alright then. “H-hey-- I’m so sorry for being late! Please? “Ooh, what’re you reading, Saihara-chan?”, Saihara tenses in mild surprise, bringing the book close to his chest for a minute before returning it to his lap as he relaxes again.

Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. ”. ” Monokuma muses, yawning and resting between Tsumugi and Kiibo. Harukawa’s harsh glare sets on Tenko. ” An almost cartoon-like voice echoes in everyone’s heads, and in the blink of an eye, a small, half-black, half-white bear cub had perched itself on Ouma’s shoulders.

“Yessir!” She chirps and quickly rummages through her bag before pulling out a set of chopsticks, one for each person, with different colors for 5 different teams. “We gotta study, don’t we? “Yeah… I’m assuming God told you that one, Yonaga-san?”, The tanned girl nods excitedly, kicking her legs. Tenko and Hoshi both blush rather intensely.

Kiibo’s unable to finish his sentence as Momota quickly grabs his and Saihara’s stuff and carries the other boy off despite his protests. “Hoshi-san! v3 and pmmm are both series i really really enjoy, so i figured it would be fun to bring them both together!

“Gonta’s butterfly friend says that you shouldn’t worry, Hoshi-kun! Maki’s glare soon moves to the smaller boy, who raises his arms halfway as if to say that he was unarmed. Maybe he’s the killer Yonaga-chan was talking about!” Ouma suggests, and Angie looks over at him with a small pout.

” “ Stay out of it, ya four-eyed prude!

God says that you won’t be attacked, but you should keep an eye out for anyone suspicious, Chabashira!” Angie seems a little too excited to tell them about this bit of news, and it visibly disturbs Tenko for a moment before she adjusts the small redheaded girl on her back. Stream Salve, terrae magicae (Madoka Magica OST) by Krowzin from desktop or your mobile device “Yeah, Bakamatsu! Release Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: The Beginning Story, https://madoka.fandom.com/wiki/Salve,_terrae_magicae?oldid=10439, Many fans have made comments on the similarities between. We will repeat this for a week, starting tomorrow. ”.

“I don’t really have a reason to stay, so I’ll be off.” Hoshi huffs, the cat on his lap moving onto the blanket and stretching its limbs out and letting the short boy get up. Tsumugi’s face reddens slightly as she goes to scribble down some notes.

“Do we need any more food? “E-eugh… don’t yell at me..! Summary: [ MAJOR V3 SPOILERS ] Study groups aren’t an uncommon thing, are they? “Does anyone else other than Tojo-san have anything to say about Kiibo-kun’s idea?”. “Err-- Hoshi-kun, if you have the time… Gonta needs a bit of help with English, do you think you could help Gonta out?” He asks, the smaller boy looking mildly surprised before glancing away, tugging at his beanie. I can take care of myself.”. Used in...

“Now that the groups are assigned…” Kiibo hums, holding a hand to his chin. Oh man, this is great-- ”, “ I think it’s actually rather interesting. “When we first met her, she did attack us. There’s no escape now.

“Tenko will keep an eye out! ” Tojo tells them calmly via telepathy-- a perk of forming a contract with Monokuma. “Thank you, Yonaga-san… Tenko’s nervous about exams, but with your help and Yumeno-san’s support, she knows that she’ll do great!” The redheaded girl in her lap stirs slightly as she hears her name but only turns over and continues to sleep as the athletic girl coos and gushes about how cute she is. “As you all may be aware, recently there’s been an influx of witches around the city. “Jeez, you and your clairvoyance, Yonaga.” He mutters. Puella Magi Madoka Magica DVD/BD 2

After a few minutes, all of the chopsticks were out of his hands except for one-- his own-- and the teams were decided. Ooh, or maybe even me!” Ouma huffs, causing Amami to laugh and rub his neck. Band/Singer “Yes, I did. “Ah, please don’t hit me, Ouma-kun. “ We all know none of you can really multitask while communicating like this, and I believe you’re causing Gokuhara-kun to struggle. (collapse), tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, New Dangan Ronpa V3: Everyone's New Semester of Killing. To efficiently exterminate them and gather as many grief seeds as we can, I would like to request that we split into small teams and hunt for witches where we are able to.”, “Shouldn’t we pace ourselves?” Tojo asks, putting a hand to her chin. I haven’t really contracted anyone else, and the other magi seem to have left. I like reading.” He fidgets with the brim of his hat. “ Mmmeh… but Tojo… my MP is low… ” The redhead’s voice whines. ”. He had to pretend to take notes on the subject, to keep the airs of being a normal student.

Basic Information I’ve heard you’ve been skipping class for a week-- you can’t say shit about me flunking!” He shouts, and Iruma cowers. “... Do you need to borrow my notes again?” He asks flatly, and Kaito retracts his arm to pop a small piece of fried chicken into his mouth, glancing away in obvious discomfort. “... Fine, it’s not like I have anything better to do.”. “Ah, if Chabashira-san’s protecting the girls, then Gonta will do his best to protect the boys!” The tall boy beams brightly. The people who held onto chopsticks with a blue end were Saihara, Maki, and Iruma. Yes Almost immediately, Tojo pulls out a pitcher and pours her a cup of tea. “Hey, Kiibo, my man! I feel like my brains and my tits’re gonna shrivel up if I stick around you virgins for too long!” She huffs, grabbing her bag and strutting off.

“Ooh, ooh! “ Wh… why are you glaring at me?


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