[PHY][E]***DJP*** removed assert on preamble fp->prach_emtc_config_common.prach_ConfigInfo.prach_numRepetitionPerPreambleAttempt[0]:0 expecting >0 /home/lcrr-032553/openairinterface5g/openair1/PHY/INIT/lte_init.c:259 Jul 26 09:51:53 pc6600k mtp-probe: bus: 1, device: 7 was not an MTP device . *[SCTP][E][sctp_eNB_read_from_socket] sctp_recvmsg (fd 41, len -1 ): Connection refused:111* 0x0282=0x0000 Sorry that I am not an expert on this, any thoughts are appreciated. 0x0209=0x0000 Some idea what could be the reason for the abort? ue_TimersAndConstants_n310 = 20; [ 0.086709] mce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 0:906e9 TIME 1510484689 SOCKET 0 APIC 0 microcode 48 make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/S1AP_LIB.dir/CMakeFiles/r10.5/s1ap_decoder.c.o] Error 1 0x0493=0x0000 DEBUG MME-AP src/mme_app/mme_app_statistics.c:0042 Default Bearers| 0 | 0 | 0 | att_tx = 75 rxPool_ResourceConfig_prb_Num = 20; => it should work directly, no setting is required

pbch_repetition = “FALSE”; 0x02A6=0x8E18 0x0280=0x70CA TRACE NAS-EM nair-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_as.c:1378 Entering _emm_as_security_rej() [MAC] [eNB 0][PUSCH 2] CC_id 0 544.2 ULSCH in error in round 2, ul_cqi 128, UE_id 0, RNTI e720 [CONFIG] calling config module end function… 0x002B=0x0038 Error: signal 11: I have tried with gdb as suggested by Laurent. I checked build logs in openair-cn, all looks good, except for couple messages “Didn’t find any information element for message: S1ap-PrivateMessageIEs”. NOTIC S6A ot/openair-cn/src/s6a/s6a_task.c:0080 AVP: ‘Origin-Realm'(296) l=26 f=-M val=”OpenAir5G.Alliance” 0x025E=0x0000

make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/GTPV1U.dir/home/aimscs/openair-cn/src/gtpv1-u/gtp_mod_kernel.c.o] Error 1 rlc_log_verbosity =”medium”; [MAC] read_config_and_init() RC.nb_macrlc_inst: 1

TRACE NAS-EM air-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_sap.c:0110 Entering emm_sap_send()
You were able to solve the above issue ??

[PHY] [UE 0] Frame 1123, subframe 2 RRC Connection lost, returning to PRACH pusch_alpha = “AL1”; Or could you suggest any other workaround? Num sequence errors (Rx): 0 0x0305=0x0000 [MAC] [eNB 0][PUSCH 2] CC_id 0 548.2 ULSCH in error in round 3, ul_cqi 128, UE_id 0, RNTI e720

0x034C=0xC360 001386 00337:030564 7F40DC8AD700 TRACE MME-AP cn/src/mme_app/mme_app_context.c:1102 Leaving _mme_app_handle_s1ap_ue_context_release()

prach_config_index = 0; E3276-s works fine with OAI, the issue is not this one. RX Subdev: FE-RX1 2. Laurent, Hi Laurent, 0x0605=0x0000 Jul 16 11:12:42 lttrung mtp-probe: checking bus 2, device 6: “/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb2/2-6” [MAC] [eNB 0][PUSCH 2] CC_id 0 543.4 ULSCH in error in round 1, ul_cqi 128, UE_id 0, RNTI e720 max_pdschReferenceSignalPower = -27;

[INFO] [B200] Initialize CODEC control…

18.10 is not anymore supported: why don’t you try 19.04 if you want a very recent distro ? passthru) and CPU flags are set. 001360 00334:528864 7F40DF0B2700 TRACE NAS-EM nair-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_as.c:1353 Leaving _emm_as_security_req() (rc=263) 0x010F=0x318C Yes, there is a parameter clock_src = “gpsdo”; to set in the configuration file, You can check if the parameter is used. 0x04A5=0x0000 0x0302=0x0000 But when the MME tries to establish the PDN connectivity, T3 Response timer expires 3 times and it produces the error “N3 retries expired for transaction 0x7f3910004860”. 0x0586=0xFFFF Small BRAM will lead you to shape the OAI traffic in smaller grains than today OAI (a LTE subframe). 0x029F=0x0000

[ERROR] [STREAMER] The receive packet handler caught a value exception. 0x02DD=0x52F6 000220 00102:557132 7F5322FFD700 DEBUG SPGW-A penair-cn/src/sgw/sgw_handlers.c:0354 Rx GTPV1U_CREATE_TUNNEL_RESP, Context S-GW S11 teid 1, S-GW S1U teid 1 EPS bearer id 5 status 0 0x059C=0xF37D I don’t know what it means, could you figure it out for me, thank you. Parsing configuration file: /usr/local/etc/oai/hss.conf The GUI for the T tracer will appear, from which you can observe and control the monitoring of the eNB software.

001518 00160:830816 7FAE0A472700 TRACE NAS-EM air-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_sap.c:0143 Leaving emm_sap_send() (rc=0) 0x035B=0x0000

TRACE NAS-EM ot/openair-cn/src/nas/nas_proc.c:0337 Entering nas_proc_authentication_info_answer() 001439 00337:030920 7F40DE8B1700 DEBUG SCTP rc/sctp/sctp_primitives_server.c:0288 Successfully sent 23 bytes on stream 1 0x035A=0x28A0 sudo ./cmake_targets/lte_build_oai/build/lte-softmodem -O ./targets/PROJECTS/GENERIC-LTE-EPC/CONF/enb.band7.tm1.50PRB.usrpb210.conf –rf-config-file ./targets/ARCH/LMSSDR/LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz_1v4.ini. 000876 00216:914630 7F7B3F44D700 DEBUG NAS rc/nas/api/network/nas_message.c:1384 NAS_SECURITY_ALGORITHMS_EIA2 returned MAC f2.73.8e.27(663647218) for length 11 direction 1, count 0 In order to run a single component, you have to point to the specific path where the manifests are located. 0x05A5=0xFA36 0x0401=0x07FF the base versions are now more recent, more Open Cells fixes delivered. pusch_sequenceHoppingEnabled = “DISABLE”; INFO S1AP c/s1ap/s1ap_mme_nas_procedures.c:0067 Received S1AP INITIAL_UE_MESSAGE eNB_UE_S1AP_ID 0x06692D sudo ./lte-uesoftmodem -C 2680000000 -r 25 –ue-rxgain 120 –ue-txgain 0 –ue- [PDCP] ENB pdcp will use tun interface for MBMS 0x0526=0x04F5 001438 00337:030746 7F40DE8B1700 DEBUG SCTP rc/sctp/sctp_primitives_server.c:0277 [40][91] Sending buffer 0x7f40c4003aa0 of 23 bytes on stream 1 with ppid 18 Consequently, the Attach procedure is rejected. [PHY] l1_north_init_eNB() RC.nb_L1_CC[0]:1 [INFO] [B200] Operating over USB 3. Obtained 10 stack frames. [INFO] [UHD] linux; GNU C++ version 7.5.0; Boost_106501; UHD_4.0.0.0-711-ge62c93fe

0x04CE=0xF295 Getting ENBSParams 001135 00133:491884 7F39377FE700 WARNI GTPv2- nwgtpv2c-0.11/src/NwGtpv2cTrxn.c:0087 T3 Response timer expired for transaction 0x7f3910004860 TX Subdev: FE-TX1, [00:00:01.982619132] Setting device timestamp to 0… 0x05A2=0x0000

TRACE NAS-EM nair-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_as.c:0786 Leaving _emm_as_set_header() (rc=140489842803440) 0x0499=0x74AA 000819 00216:914034 7F7B3F44D700 TRACE NAS-EM ir-cn/src/nas/emm/emm_data_ctx.c:0375 ue_id=0x00000001 clear security context vector index

[MAC][I][eNB_dlsch_ulsch_scheduler] UE rnti 72c : in synch, PHR 38 dB CQI 15 0x0485=0xB7AA [PDCP] ENB pdcp will use tun interface for MBMS

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returning -1, Hi Ryan,

INFO NAS-EM air-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_fsm.c:0182 UE 0x00000001 EMM-FSM – Status changed: COMMON-PROCEDURE-INITIATED ===> DEREGISTERED Some parts of this tuto is now very old. auth_request compilation failed TRACE NAS-EM ot/openair-cn/src/nas/nas_proc.c:0161 Entering nas_proc_establish_ind() pucch_delta_shift = 1;

/usr/local/bin/mme(s6a_init+0x3fe) [0x55a6348bb742]

TRACE MME-AP cn/src/mme_app/mme_app_context.c:0677 Entering mme_remove_ue_context() 000192 00102:556960 7F5323FFF700 TRACE GTPv2- 2-c/nwgtpv2c-0.11/src/NwGtpv2c.c:0750 Leaving nwGtpv2cSendInitialReqIndToUlp() (rc=0) Recently, my friends told me a way to solve the “LLLLL…” in eNB. INFO NAS-EM nair-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_as.c:0181 EMMAS-SAP – Received primitive EMMAS_DATA_IND (211) 0x0380=0x014C Jul 16 11:12:42 lttrung kernel: [ 3474.449673] usb 2-6: new SuperSpeed Gen 1 USB device number 6 using xhci_hcd 0x058F=0x0000 Establishing S1 sig connection. [ 94%] Built target LIB_NAS_MME [SCTP] Comm up notified for sd 85, assigned assoc_id 3 In your case it seems a mistake to perform this update. Could you check if you did this piece of configuration? INFO NAS-EM air-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_fsm.c:0182 UE 0x00000001 EMM-FSM – Status changed: INVALID ===> DEREGISTERED

[INFO] [B200] Asking for clock rate 61.440000 MHz… [MAC] Received RRC_MAC_CCCH_DATA_REQ from TASK_RRC_UE: instance 0, frameP Once successfully built, the binaries will be placed in the openairinterface5g/targets/bin folder. Interface version: v2019.1.0 0x0108=0x194A Laurent.


[PHY] DJP – delete code above this /…./openairinterface5g/targets/RT/USER/lte-ru.c:2658 // Parameters for SIB19 It would be really nice if some one could tell me how to fix this.

[RRC] [FRAME 00000][eNB][MOD 00][RNTI e720] Logical Channel DL-DCCH, Generate RRCConnectionRelease (bytes 3) What is your radio configuration ? ./run_mme: line 87: 2128 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $SUDO mme `echo $exe_arguments` 2>&1, Hi, Replace the configuration file specified with the -O option below with the correct path and filename of your edited configuration file. [PHY] eNB->single_thread_flag:0 Thread Story™ elevates the handcrafted artistry of women weavers in a new carpet tile collection inspired by traditional weaves and vintage fabrics. 0x002C=0x0000 Regards, 000005 00000:799259 7F81A1230640 DEBUG SPGW-A /openair-cn/src/sgw/pgw_config.c:0287 Masquerade SGI 0x0120=0xE6B4 TRACE MME-AP /src/mme_app/mme_app_transport.c:0098 Leaving mme_app_handle_nas_dl_req() (rc=0) ./check_hss_s6a_certificate /usr/local/etc/oai/freeDiameter hss.OpenAir5G.Alliance I will change to another PC to check if the issue still happens. hello, the script is not working either on ubuntu 17.04 since it is out of date or on 18.04 since it says it is not supported.

0x0391=0x0000 [ 0.818583] microcode: sig=0x906e9, pf=0x2, revision=0x48 this was the error: 0x0285=0x0000 [RLC] [FRAME 00001][eNB][MOD 00][RNTI 523a][SRB AM 01][CONFIGURE] max_retx_threshold 4 poll_pdu 4 poll_byte 65535 t_poll_retransmit 80 t_reordering 35 t_status_prohibit 0 [UDP] Initializing UDP task interface: DONE [0].srb1_parameters: 6/6 parameters successfully set, (0 to default value) 0x039B=0x0A18 000884 00216:914704 7F7B3F44D700 TRACE NAS-EM nair-cn/src/nas/emm/sap/emm_as.c:0243 Leaving emm_as_send() (rc=0) 0x0259=0x0000 Hi, 001379 00337:030527 7F40DD0AE700 TRACE S1AP -cn/src/s1ap/s1ap_mme_handlers.c:0645 Entering s1ap_mme_handle_ue_context_release_request() cp: cannot stat ‘/home/lht/openair-cn/build/mme/build/mme’: No such file or directory You reach it maybe because your radio link is poor, so the UE reconnects several times 0x0601=0x0000

DEBUG NAS-EM ir-cn/src/nas/emm/emm_data_ctx.c:0320 ue_id=0x00000001 cleared auth vectors I’m running the eNB and UE executables, lte-softmodem and lte-uesoftmodem. 000256 00102:557540 7F5323FFF700 DEBUG GTPv2- 2-c/nwgtpv2c-0.11/src/NwGtpv2c.c:1225 Received create local tunnel from ulp 0x0381=0x0000 I have same problem as Vladimir wrote. [INFO] [B200] Actually got clock rate 61.440000 MHz. Set sample rate 7.680000 MHz

The post was not visible because the menu was too short, it is on https://open-cells.com/index.php/2017/05/10/limesdr-installation/. 0x044B=0x0000 I see this on the terminal running spgw: 000137 00001:104328 7F1F8A69C700 DEBUG GTPv1- air-cn/src/gtpv1-u/gtpv1u_task.c:0096 Initializing GTPV1U interface

[PHY] Wrong DCI0 detection, do not transmit PUSCH for HARQID: 0 000811 00216:913977 7F7B3F44D700 TRACE MME-AP cn/src/mme_app/mme_app_context.c:1033 Leaving mme_ue_context_update_ue_emm_state() 000316 00102:806646 7F5322FFD700 DEBUG SPGW-A cn/src/sgw/sgw_context_manager.c:0136 | eps_bearers: { Attached UEs | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0x0562=0x9766 Aram,


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