The CM-2 Inner Sunshade, which can be opened and closed to reduce glare with its smoked lens effect, is equipped in the mornings and evenings when the sun shines brightly, and during the daytime when the sun is strong. What effect does the downforce generated by a motorcycle wing spoiler have? Technology announce at Web Motorcycle Show. Check out detail, how they feel, specification and photos. The RYUKI helmet is a modern helmet with an open chin and inner sunshade function and is equipped with a "UV/IR cut shield" that prevents the temperature inside the helmet from rising due to sunlight. *The temperature inside the helmet is measured in the OGK KABUTO under an incandescent lamp (300W). The "exclusive space" where the intercom and camera installation bracket fit is set in advance on the left and right as the number of intercom users increases due to group touring and the widespread use of smartphones. #gallery-3 { “EWC x Webike” special page introduce Webike’s activities as an official partner of 19-20 and 21-22 season of FIM EWC, any information on race and race result of each race held during our partnership.

Available in 5 colors: White Metallic, Black Metallic, Flat Black, Shiny Red, and Medium Grey. OGK KABUTO is a Japanese manufacturer of helmets founded in September 1982 at Higashi Osaka. The KAMUI-III helmet is the first helmet with an IR (Info-Red) protective shield helmet. 変に日焼けすることも無いので、日焼け止めも要らず楽です。, シールドの曇りを劇的に解消するピンロックシート。 No. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; We provide comprehensive reviews of motorcycle, parts and gear. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */, ■RYUKI Price: around 300 USD Schedule to be released in early summer 2020 Colors: White Metallic, Black Metallic, Flat Black, Shiny Red, Medium Gray Sizes: S (55-56cm), M (57-58cm), L (59-60cm), XL (Less than 61-62 cm) Standard: SG Standard Shield: CM-2-P UIC Shield (UIC Clear)Pinlock® Original Insert Lens is sold separately. 卓越した技術と妥協なき品質へのこだわりから生まれたkabutoのヘルメット。信頼性の高いプロ仕様から、お子さまに親しまれる商品まで日本人にあったヘルメットをご提供します。 #gallery-3 img { OGK KABUTO is a Japanese manufacturer of helmets founded in September 1982 at Higashi Osaka. OGK KABUTO is a Japanese manufacturer of helmets founded in September 1982 at Higashi Osaka. The system that opens and closes the shield uses the speedy shield exchange system "CM-2-P shield system" that can be easily removed by simply pulling the lever of the shield mechanism. ェード, Pinlock® Original Insert Lensの詳しい説明. What’s good or how it works, those help you purchase accessories. *Some special shapes cannot be attached. }

ARAIに近いサイズ感。, 私は普段SHOEIのフルフェイスヘルメット「GT-Air」を使っていますが、GT-Airと比べても重さは感じません。, 朝から晩まで、ワインディングロードから高速道路まで様々な環境で使ってみましたが、ヘルメットが重くて首が疲れるということはありませんでした。, UV&IRカットシールドとベンチレーションの効果でヘルメットが暑くなりにくいです。 道路の照り返しなどもガードできます。, ブレスガードとあわせて使うと、顔に日光が差し込むことはほぼありません。

Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL. ・Exclusive installation space is provided for intercom installation. OGK KABUTO has been released "RYUKI", a lightweight, comfortable, and highly functional new generation system helmet with IR Cut Shield. } Find useful reviews of motorcycle parts and gear by motorcycle journalists or Webike staffs. The 3 "ventilations" are designed for easy operation.

With photos and description, find how they customize, and get some tips! The RYUKI features KABUTO's unique "Wake Stabilizer" aerodynamic device and an edgy shape for both style and strength, as well as chin open and inner sunshade features on the hat. float: left;

・"CM-2-P UIC Shield (UIC clear)" using infrared (IR) cut material is standard equipment. Lotto de Estoril!

Get some perspective, you can follow trends in motorcycle industry and culture.

Monkey 125 is a popular bike all around the world, An-bu is a small yet very famous motorcycle custom, You can't talk about Japanese motorcycle history w, Check out these cool Yoshimura goods on your websi, Looking back to Team Webike SRC Kawasaki France TR, The new Yamaha MT-07 coming up 2021.

You can use glasses or sunglasses in its best position.

They also supported professional racing motorcycle competitions with outstanding technology and uncompromising quality of safety. The chin cover opens and closes for quietness and secureness when riding and the same utility as an open face when stopping. Find what journalists think about recent motorcycle issues. text-align: center; margin-top: 10px; コストパフォーマンスに優れています。, さらにツーリングヘルメットに求められる機能は全て搭載。 /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. 2021 HONDA FORZA 750 Launching Soon [With Teaser Videos], Tony's bike deisgn is a smaller custom motorcycle, Honda CB190X, a small displacement full-sized adve, SP Takegawa is arguably the most famous Japan cust, "Japan's Foremost Z Replica Builder's Heritage Rac, We took the precious chance and reviewed how the n, Beams Exhaust Beams is another not well known exh. } 手頃な価格ながらも高品質なヘルメットを販売する日本のヘルメットメーカー「OGK kabuto」。, そんなOGK kabutoから、2020年新作ヘルメットとして「RYUKI」が発売されました。, 今回はOGK kabutoのRYUKIをいち早くGETしたので、レビューしていきたいと思います。, RYUKIはOGK kabutoから2020年に発売された、「KAZAMI」「IBUKI」に続くシステムヘルメットです。, 普段走る時は、アゴを下ろしてフルフェイスモードに。 on Facebook.

[Webike Motoreport].


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