Thanks for Anonymous for the improved G5 build. ( Log Out /  Many builds require event equipment but I provide (weaker) alternatives without event equipment where possible. 3. Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva. Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar builds.

Match weaknesses with the starting element of Alatreon. If you want Guard 3, drop 1 Attack and 1 Artillery for 2 Guard. Kjarr Strongarm “Decay” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth) & Alatreon Morphblade (EVENT: Alatreon) Restructured build section, splitting MR70> and before MR70 into different sections Legs are interchangeable for Kulve or Garuga legs depending on the decorations you have available. Improved Fatalis Impact Focusless builds (thanks PaintedJ)

Note that builds are (more or less sorted) from strongest to weakest. Build variants: Despot’s Thundergale (Zinogre tree), 1.

Added Alatreon CB and armor build

Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva.

Removed Health augment from builds that used Safi set and Resentment Required Event Equipment: Fatalis, Alatreon.

Focusless Builds

Sacrifices some element for the mostly infinite sharpness of Master’s Touch. Cookie Cutter (2 Namielle)

The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account, The mod will replace the some of the charge blade effects.

Added Kjarr Focusless builds A hunter with Ghillie mantle can set up a topple from the get go using two fully loaded cannons (the player doing this should use Heavy Artillery 2) All Safi elemental CBs use the same builds (with appropriate elemental attack) as their stats are identical. Added elemental sets: SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy    Status Is this build good?

Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar but not identical builds. Chrome Fortress III can be replaced with Dante’s Devil Sword+ or Royal Star Shield (both from events). Saber’s Maw II (Great Jagras tree) Fatalis armor builds will be coming soon, 7/9/2020 -3 Handicraft, -1 Attack Boost, +3 Power Prolonger, +5 Divine Blessing, SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy There are a few reasons for this.

Water, Fire, and Thunder use similar builds.

Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott.

For those that actually want to use the new armor and weapon.

Dear Rosetta (Pink Rathian tree) OR Chrome Fortress III (Iron tree), 1. Guard 5

SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy You can get Guard 3 or 5 by changing the decorations in the helm (losing Offensive Guard and/or Expert). This is the SAED version of Kjarr Crusher. Tenderize uptime is not great on Kulve so you may trade some Health Boost or Razor Sharp for Expert if you want.

Requires Teo essence so Beotodus CB cannot use this set. Artillery 0

This weapon is somewhat similar to the Switch Axe, with the ability to switch between two different weapon modes: the Sword Mode and the Axe Mode. Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used.Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools..

Power Prolonger is also optional.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy

Update 7/18:

No need to have different builds for Master’s Touch and Artillery 5 any more, this build does everything! I have also written a Charge Blade guide for Iceborne which can be found at the top of the page or here. Compared to regular Fatalis Impact, this basically gains Power Prolonger 3 and Peak Performance 3 in exchange for Focus 3 and Artillery 5 without losing any Handicraft.

If you want Guard 3, use Affinity augment and drop 2 Expert for 2 Guard. Charge Blade (チャージアックス chyaaji akkusu, "charge axe") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Fatalis cannot be KO’d or clutch claw staggered

Kjarr Strongarm “King” (EVENT: MR Kulve Taroth)

Required Event Equipment: None. Safi’s Drakshield (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva)

Also, more damage means the monster will flinch and topple more frequently, meaning even more openings for damage and even less time where the monster is attacking you. *Added Anti-Namielle builds Probably not. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Guard 5, SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, Alatreon

Protective Polish + Item Prolonger It still does respectable damage.

Required Event Equipment: Alatreon, Arch-Tempered Velkhana. Other tips: SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy 3.

Guard 5 (Beotodus).

-2 Handicraft, -2 Evade Window, +5 Divine Blessing

defensive builds changed to Safi Chest Alpha by suggestion Added elemental focusless Fatalis and Velkhana hybrid builds, 10/5/20 Fatalis topples from head break, mount, dragonator, one-shot binder, cannon shots (after 7-8), and ballista damage to the chest while flying Recommended mantles: Temporal and Rocksteady (can be risky) or Glider.

2. When you get a Magazine jewel (R7), replace the helm with Raging Brachydios a+. 4. Our Promise; Service Areas For Savage Axe fanatics only, dropping Focus and Artillery for pure physical damage.
Artillery 5 has been reborn and it is REALLY strong (compared to Zorah sets).

If you are unable to farm Raging Brachydios right away (see below explanation), here are some builds you can continue building towards until you can get Raging Brachydios gear. ( Log Out / 

Cookie Cutter (Master’s Touch), 9/22/2019

Safi’s Shattershield* (EVENT: Safi’Jiiva) Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva Two exceptions are Guard and Health Augment, but Guard is not strictly a defensive skill as it can give you more openings to counter monster attacks and Health Augment is just too convenient.

Put the nativePC folder in your Monster Hunter World folder. Charge Blades worth getting Build variants: SAED    Savage    Sharpness    Comfy

Requires Teo essence so Beotodus CB cannot use this set.

If you can’t make a build, keep scrolling until you find one you can make.

Required Event Equipment: Safi’Jiiva, MR Kulve Taroth


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