15 - San Valentino è un giorno complicato, Vol. Futago Scans Let's Not Fall In Love. Il vient en aide à ceux qui en ont besoin dés qu’il le peut, et se sent moins que rien dés qu’il fait une erreur. 7 Ch. Vous avez également la possibilité de désactiver ces cookies. Vol. Arabic Bengali Bulgarian Burmese Catalan Chinese (Simp) Chinese (Trad) Czech Danish Dutch English Filipino Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Lithuanian Malay Mongolian Norwegian Other Persian Polish Portuguese (Br) Portuguese (Pt) Romanian Russian Serbo-Croatian Spanish (Es) Spanish (LATAM) Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Les cookies nécessaires sont absolument essentiels au bon fonctionnement du site Web. 4 Ch. However, the people that surround his daily life are there as a reminder as why Machida-kun needs no improvements because the people love Machida. 2 Ch. Ces cookies ne seront stockés dans votre navigateur qu'avec votre consentement. Whether they be lost children, misguided delinquents or adults going through mid-life crises, it doesn't matter. After that, Hajime Machida begins to care about her and Nana Inohara begins to have feeling for him. When he is injured at school instead of the school nurse at the infirmary a school-mate tends to him.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. 26 - Going Out on Christmas Day, Vol. Nana Inohara tells him that she does not like people. She treats Hajime Machida instead of the school nurse who is not there. 4 Ch.

Machida-kun seems like the perfect brother, son, and student because he loves people. 4 Ch. Tous les cookies qui peuvent ne pas être particulièrement nécessaires au fonctionnement du site Web et qui sont utilisés spécifiquement pour collecter des données personnelles des utilisateurs via des analyses, des publicités et d'autres contenus intégrés sont appelés cookies non nécessaires. Futago Scans Let's Not Fall In Love.

It is a simple tale, one about a young man and his daily hijinks helping people in need. Directed by Yûya Ishii.

Lost your password? Ces cookies ne stockent aucune information personnelle. Machida-kun seems like the perfect brother, son, and student because he loves people. Machida-kun'un Dünyası Machidakun no Sekai The World of Machida-kun عالم ماتشيدا-كٌن 町田くんの世界 町田君的世界. Please note, that not every report is actionable. 7 - Cái gai trong ký ức và đêm lễ hội, Vol. Machida-kun no Sekai - Chap 7. 20 - The World is Full of Dreams and Wishes, Vol. Groups Scanlating. 2 Ch. 14 - Mừng một năm mới đầy kì tích, Vol.

Machida-kun semble être le frère, le fils, et l’ami parfait parce qu’il aime les gens. JavaScript is required for this reader to work.

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