However, some do so to exploit vulnerabilities in Apple’s software, and others are used by law enforcement. Now, you know how to bypass or remove Activation Lock on your iPhone without a password or the previous owner’s help, try solving the problem on your own. You might have to restart the device before you see any changes. Found this site and just had to give the iPhones details and they managed to get the iCloud account removed. There's been quite a bit of confusion around whether or not an iCloud unlock is legal or not, so we'll attempt to clarify to the best of our ability. If you’ve received a used iPhone with Activation Lock, you can ask the previous owner to remove it for you.

Currently, there are only a few programs that help bypass the Activation Lock, Tenorshare 4Mekey is one of them. It then ties your iPhone’s unique identifier to your Apple ID.

Just like it does on iPhones, Activation Lock locks an iPad or Apple Watch to the Apple ID used to set it up. You likely won’t notice the presence of Activation Lock until you reset your iPhone or install a major iOS upgrade. The Apple server will detect the incomplete reset and define it as an unauthorized action, moreover, the Apple server will enable an Activation Lock automatically through the remained Apple ID. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Tap “Erase all Content and Settings,” confirm your decision, and then wait for the procedure to complete. In addition to activating your device, you also need your Apple credentials to set up the App Store, FaceTime calls, and iMessage. Transactions will appear on your statement as NOCHEX*XXXXX, I love them! Luckily, the owner is around, give him/her the device and ask him/her to type in the ID and password. The Activation Lock makes iPhones less attractive to thieves. Thanks very much - ps any chance of some discount on the next order as my friend wants to do hers. If you don’t know your Apple ID email address, you can look it up on Apple’s iForgot website. To take advantage of the iPhone, we need to remove or bypass the Activation Lock. Before you sell your iPhone, you should do two things: disable Activation Lock and erase the device back to factory settings. With our direct connection to all the manufacturer databases, we instantly detect your phone model and network using just your IMEI number. Then, we will focus on some possible methods. They saved me so much money will be using again and again from now on, Not being very tech savvy there was no way i was going to be able to use a jailbreak or some sort of elaborate software procedure to get an iCloud account removed ( I’m no spring chicken ) so thankfully they were able to do everything for me and I didn’t have to even send the iPhone to them. The Oakley, Kidderminster Road, Droitwich, England, WR9 9AY. Ask the seller to log in with his Apple ID and password to activate the device. This tool is totally free and you can unlock any iPhone by using iCloud Activation Bypass Tool v1.4.

This article explains how to turn off iPhone Activation Lock, and also provides links if you need to get that Apple ID password reset.

No way was I going to jailbreak this handset and void my AppleCare warranty, this service removed the previous owners iCloud nice and quickly in under 48 hours, allowing to set it up with own! Here’s how to bypass it. If you still can’t activate your iPhone, there’s one more thing you can try. In this way, the Activation Lock will be blocked and you can use the iPhone normally. When you set up an iPhone, it’s associated with your iCloud ID. There are many people who bypass iCloud using this amazing tool. These websites offer little to no buyer protection, so you’re far more likely to get stuck with an expensive paperweight. At that point, you have to sign in with your Apple ID to verify your identity and activate the device. If you buy a used iPhone and don’t realize it’s locked, for example, you might end up locked out of your new phone. You can use 4Mekey to bypass again. And you don’t have to have an Apple Care plan to call. 1. It allowed iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac owners to secure their devices letting them wipe or lock their device remotely from the iCloud website. However, just because an iCloud activation lock has been enabled on an iDevice using the Find My iPhone feature and the user wants it unlocked, it doesn't automatically mean the device is stolen. On the Activation Lock screen, you’re supposed to see an option “Unlock With Passcode“. This service removes a previous iCloud account from your device using an Applecare approved method, enabling you to setup the iPhone with your own iCloud account. And hopefully, you can unlock it and enjoy the time with your iPhone.

Unlock iCloud activation lock for iPhone, iPad, iPod, AppleWatch.

If you enable Find My iPhone on your device, you also enable Activation Lock. We remove your device from the previous owner's iCloud account, this means the device will no longer be Activation Locked. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Or the carriers selling locked devices?

If you happen to know or remember the previous screen passcode before the iPhone is reset, you can remove the Activation Lock with the previous screen passcode.

Authorized device recyclers or repair shops then purchase these iPhones and iPads, and unlock iCloud on them before reselling them as refurbished devices.

What is Activation Lock. After iCloud erases the device, click Remove From Account. Click the Jailbreak Tutorial to read the step-by-step guide of how to jailbreak your iPhone. Copyright © 2014 - 2020 Best Mobile Utilities and Multimedia Tools.. All Rights Reserved. If you already purchased an iPhone that’s locked, all hope is not lost!

Copyright © 2011-2020. When you turn on the iPhone, you should see the “Hello” set up screen inviting you to “Set up your iPhone” for the first time. Professional iCloud Unlock Tool - FoneGeek iPhone Unlocker. Toggle off “Find My iPhone,” and then type your Apple ID password., — Apple Support (@AppleSupport) May 23, 2018. pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.overrideAttributeFunctions(); The rep will warn you that there’s a good chance your iPhone will be erased during this process. Activation Lock is a security feature developed by Apple Inc. to protect an iDevice from missing and stealing. Bought an iPhone 11 online fairly cheaply as it was iCloud locked and thought I could save some money by buying it and then unlocking it myself.
Or, the owner is far away from you, you can ask him/her to unlock the iPhone through iCloud. Likewise, many buyers are unaware of it when they purchase a second-hand iPhone. Here's another situation: carriers regularly sell used inventory from device upgrades or insurance claims at private auctions. Unfortunately, this protection doesn’t extend to face-to-face transactions.

After the 3 steps, the previous owner can help you unlock the device remotely.

If you’re in the U.S., the phone number is 1-800-APL-CARE. If “Remove from Account” is available, she should select it; Otherwise, she can click “Erase iPhone,” and then “Remove from Account.”.

Activation Lock is a security feature developed by Apple Inc. to protect an iDevice from missing and stealing. The Apple server will not trigger an Activation Lock since the Apple ID is removed.

Some “divorce” your device from Apple to circumvent Activation Lock. activation lock iPhone unlock | activation lock iPhone remove | iCloud locked unlocked | iCloud unlock bypass | iPhone iCloud unlock software First Step is installed checkra1n in your Kali Linux checkra1n jailbreak is the new generation jailbreaking tool based on the permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit called checkm8 by axi0mX. None of them are official, and there’s no guarantee they’ll work. If you’re unsure what your password is, or you want to reset it, you can also do so on iForgot. This means it won’t receive any future iOS updates, nor will you be able to use iMessage, make calls over FaceTime, or download apps from the App Store. Call Apple Support and explain the situation. Take your device, your proof of purchase, and your best smile.

How to Force “Dark Mode” in Any iPhone App with Smart Invert, How to Set an Out of Office Message in Gmail, How to Access Accessibility Controls From the Menu Bar and Control Center on Mac, How to Generate a URL QR Code in Google Chrome on Android, © 2020 LifeSavvy Media. If you have any questions about removing an iCloud activation lock or unlocking your iPhone from your current carrier, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance. Using our remote service, we can remove the device from the previous owner’s iCloud account thanks to our direct connection with the manufacturer. The Activation Lock makes iPhones less attractive to thieves.

While people most often encounter issues with Activation Lock on used iPhones, the feature is also on iPads and Apple Watch. When you first activate your iPhone, Apple makes a note of the device’s unique identifier and your Apple ID. To activate an iPhone, you simply log in with your Apple ID. The representative told us the removal of Activation Lock from devices (both in-store and over the phone) usually “falls within the sphere of our free services,” so, you shouldn’t need Apple Care for either. After this is done, the “Set up your iPhone” screen should appear. By default, both are enabled on all iPhones and should remain so. Even if someone steals it, they can’t set it up and use it unless you remove the Activation Lock. In Settings, tap your name at the top of the list. We completely understand wanting that activation lock to be removed. Here are some ways you can avoid buying a device you can’t activate: If the seller refuses to do any of the above, walk away from the sale.
This allows you to access the iPhone, but Apple will likely blacklist it.

Now, let’s see how to bypass the Activation Lock with 4Mekey. If you are the one who reset the iPhone with a non-Apple program, you can remove the Activation Lock with the former lock screen passcode. The support staff we spoke to said not all iPhones end up erased, but you do have to sign a waiver for any work Apple performs.

If you use two-factor authentication, you can tap “Unlock with Passcode,” and then type the single-use numeric code Apple sends you instead.

Step 3 Remove the device from the Apple account. It’s what you might call a well-known secret. All Rights Reserved. ... (or if your device is locked and you are unable to dial or find IMEI.


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