A makeup artist worth their oats will know the difference and how to alter their application of products. ~Melissa xx. I guess gravity never quits, huh? Thank you so much for reading and commenting. And here is the “after” photo, with a natural-look makeup. The trick is to create some depth with the eye shadows but not have the overall look appear too dark, which can make your eyes recede. Thanks so much for following! Required fields are marked *. Thanks for the tips! However, the only way I know of to make hooded eyes go away permanently is to have blepharoplasty surgery.

Hi Janet! Makes my eyes very bright white- better than anything I’ve ever used. **If you have very loose or crepe’ skin use your make up brush in a top to bottom motion using small strokes. I’m headed to Walgreens right now and I’m going to look for that eyeshadow palette while I’m there. Your look is fabulous!

And really great to know!! But the above tips will work for anyone who is looking to help reduce the look of hooded eyes.

The color payout is so rich that the palette really lasts forever with all useable shades.

In that case, maybe you’d consider redoing the shots on a clear day? This highlighter can also be placed on the inner corner of the eyes to make the eye appear wider and brighter. ago. Have a good weekend, Mimi

Your eyebrows are the frame for your face. I really love learning new ways to do makeup as well. Any tips for eyeliner color to enhance the color? Curling your lashes and adding mascara will really make them pop. Thank you, Hi Ethel! Use a light highlighting shade and a very small, stiffer brush. Do your older eyes give you trouble?

Instagram where I over-share on my IG “Stories” on a daily basis. Only place brow highlighter just below the arch of the brow in a thin line.

But for MOST mature eyes, when it comes to liner- less is more and placement is everything. I highly recommend it. Perhaps it was just a cloudy day before you did your makeup, and sunny afterwards. ~Melissa xx. I had the same thoughts–the first photo is darker and a little out of focus. Question — any similar tips for preventing makeup from settling into creases BELOW your eyes and accentuating those wretched fine lines/wrinkles? You can get it HERE. If it isn’t you need to place it higher. THANKS! Thanks, Beth! I recently changed how I do my eyes but am not sure of the colors to use. As for special products, for makeup you need a makeup pencil, eye … I believe she means the part of the lid that moves when you blink. Thank you so much for the information Have to rewatch for the application method!!! THANK YOU- for the help. my Mom had hers done. Doesn't everyone have hoods? The skin from the upper part of my eye is beginning to droop onto my mobile lid. If your eyes are a lighter blue hue, I’d go for a camel colored liner. You don’t want to take up any of that precious lid space. Noticed the whites of your eyes also look brighter in the “after” pic – do you use drops or another product to lose the redness around the iris? Lots of people have this eye shape from birth, but it could also be the result of your lid drooping with age.
I also find that Bobbi Brown has the most perfect shades for mature eyes. Would be great to have examples of the DOS and DONTS. This color MUST be VISIBLE when you look straight into the mirror. That way, we could see the differences easily without concern over lighting, focus, etc. Great post!

–> Pick them up here. I love the tip about the eyeshadow primer. Thanks for asking. Thanks for the information. These are a steal at only $17.50!

new ways to use make up. To regain that contrast, use a thick mascara, and follow Laura's application tips. I use these brushes and still highly recommend them if you are looking for a basic brush set that is inexpensive but still good quality. Can you post photos of people or celebrities who don't have hooded eyelids so we know the difference because to me everyone has hooded eyelids to some degree. Keep practicing! I do something similar, but I do not know what you mean by that…thanks! A girlfriend of mine got eyelid surgery and loved it. I don’t think I have hooded eyes but only because I have a very strong, slightly prominent bone over my eyes. Hooded eyes are NOT a flaw- they are just a different eye type! OMG — you are my new best friend!

~Melissa xx. If they are a deeper shade, I’d try out darker brown and even pure navy blue. Preferably under £10? It’s by NYX and it’s called the “Dream Catcher Palette”. Good for you for taking the time to take such good care of yourself! The “Before” photo was taken at the same window that morning and the “After” window was taken right after applying my makeup. I am so sorry to hear that! Can you suggest an alternative please? Unfortunately a lot of bloggers use this trick to accentuate the difference between before/after shots. ", | Charity Hall | Makeup looks, information, swatches, and reviews, as well as the occasional book musings. Find a flesh toned nuetral, matte shade and sweep from the lash line to the brow bone to give you an even, all over matte canvas to begin. ThemeXpose BTW I don’t want to sound completely ignorant but by mobile part of the eye do you mean the part right over the eyeball? DBCLS Home Page by DBCLS is licensed under a. CMUdict is Copyright (C) 1993-2008 by Carnegie Mellon University. Will follow and look forward to more ways to bring mature hooded back!!! Thank you so much. Thank you!! Thank you for reading and I hope that the tips are really helpful! My dermatologist, years ago, told me to be grateful because it would keep the upper skin from sagging. I used the first one on the top.

Thank you for sharing such great ideas. Any suggestions? or, "where in the world did my eye makeup go? all this years working with my eyeshadows and trying to find the best shape for my eyes and here you have all the right answers for my eye type with a excellent simple clear explanation finally everything makes sense in regards my eye makeup situation. I like to dab a bit of highlighter directly under the arch of my brow, very close to my brow line. ~Melissa xx, Your email address will not be published. The one I’m using is from Ulta and is quite easy to use. I took these with an iPhone and then enlarged them. And yassssss……on that prominent brow bone! Thanks again for explaining it. ~Melissa xx, This was a great post, thanks for the tips! I’ve got some dark circles there that are getting more pronounced with time so I’ve been using Mac cream concealer there, but it’s a trade-off between looking younger but tired and ill without the makeup versus looking like a well-rested, healthy old wrinkly hag WITH the makeup! "Eyes may look smaller as we age because the lids get heavier and sag and [bags may appear]," says Laura. Gail x. Melissa, I think your tips are great, but your “before” and “after” shots are very deceiving – the before shot is blurry and dark. Try doing one eye and look at the effect created, compared to the other eye. I would like to do video eventually. Problem is, makeup techniques for typical, almond-shape eyes don't always work. Copyright (c) 1995-2020 Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Do your brows. I've watched and tried to follow eye makeup tutorials for the past year.

This holds everything on my lids right where I put it and it lasts all day. Like what is the mobile area? It’s actually fun to play with makeup to create shadows and highlights, isn’t it? It is quite dramatic in the way that this shadow appears to push the hood back. Sometime over the age of 40, most of us will begin to experience the dreaded “hooded eyes”. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the comment! As a fellow over 40 make up addict, Iv noted every tip to use in my next application. Sometime over the age of 40, most of us will begin to experience the dreaded “hooded eyes”. Thank you

It takes some practice, but it’s fun and when you find the right shades and colors, you can actually love the way your eyes look! This will even out any discolorations on the lids as well. Maybe these tips will help…..I would really like to try an eye lift, myself. I’ve been getting more and more frustrated by these old lady eyes that I have suddenly. To further enhance the look, use a very light catching matte or shimmery shade on the center of the mobile part of your lid. It can be any color, but it needs to be matte. Just noticed my eyeliner and heavier definition on eyes from earlier days looked odd in thee mirror to say the least.

Today I used Wet n’ Wild megaliner in Electric Purple which helps to accentuate my hazel eye color. I do feel like it would be an amazing difference. If you ended up getting hooded eyes because of your weight and then you lose weight, you may end up with less hooded eyes. Depending on your own eye shape, play with the looks that look the best on you.
Blogger Templates Created By : I’m showing you the brushes and the colors that I personally used today going from left to right.) I hope you find something that works well for you.

If the skin on your hooded eyes is quite loose, reach over with the other hand and lift the skin while applying shadow, to create a smooth lid. ~Melissa xx. ~Melissa xx. Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller. Hi, the post is good, but I think some illustrations or a video to accompany it would help better explain. I think I would get the surgery when they are bad. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. I wasn’t even trying to make this look extra bad y’all. ~Melissa xx, When I click your Amazon link for the eye shadow for hooded eyes ( NYX Limited Dream Catcher Palette DCP 01 – Golden Horizons) , It says the product is no longer available. Weblio英和対訳辞書はプログラムで機械的に意味や英語表現を生成しているため、不適切な項目が含まれていることもあります。ご了承くださいませ。, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA), フードを(目深に)かぶった、ほろ付きの、半ば閉じた、帽子状の、ずきん状の冠毛のある. I should go back and make that more clear since a few people have asked the same question. lucky lucky! You can see that I definitely have the dreaded hood. . A medium matte shade will be your new best friend. I’d love to hear more. Hi Melissa I am 67yrs old and I have tried every thing but no luck pot did not work for me. Hi Ana- thanks so much for the comment! The optimal thing in makeup for round hooded eyes is considered to be the average density of eyebrows. Your amazing ! I am 71 and had the eye lift surgery 20 yrs.

~Melissa xx, Do you know I had surgery that took some skin off no lift well it has come back, Lynda, In fact, many people have hooded eyes and just don't know it. Love it! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Go figure. They do the job and there’s no fallout from them. I think you should do a video! I used the third one over from the top with the #9 oval shadow brush. Now that the skin on our lids is looser, anything that touches them will end up settling into the crease which instantly screams “OLD”. All Rights Reserved.


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