Learn more about how passwords and Spreadsheet Compare work together.

To learn more about Spreadsheet Compare and comparing files, read Compare two versions of a workbook. Excel Compare is perfect for analyzing the changes in data over time and can find new, changed and delete data. In the side-by-side grid, a worksheet for each file is compared to the worksheet in the other file, beginning with the leftmost worksheet in each. If you work with scripts, Excel Compare can also be spawned from the command line. Important: You may want to make a backup copy of your file before cleaning the excess cell formatting, because there are certain cases where this process may make your file increase in size, and there is no way to undo the change. If a worksheet is hidden in a workbook, it's still shown and compared in Spreadsheet Compare. The types of links in the diagram can include other workbooks, Access databases, text files, HTML pages, SQL Server databases, and other data sources.

This is a web-based tool where you can upload two Excel files and it will create a comparison file that will have the data that is common (or different data based on what option you selected. In Windows 7, click the Windows Start button and then > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2013 > Office 2013 Tools > Spreadsheet Compare 2013.

There's also an option for getting a high-fidelity look at each worksheet that shows the cell formatting, close to what you'd see it in Excel. Manage appointments, plans, budgets — it’s easy with Microsoft 365.​. To learn more about viewing cell relationships, read See links between cells. Excel Compare allows you to compare Excel files, Excel spreadsheets and selected ranges of sheets. In addition to files saved on your computer or on a network, you can enter a web address to a site where your workbooks are saved. Excel Compare compares data from your worksheets and presents results in a new Excel document as a relation of difference, you can save and / or print. It also shows additional levels of workbook connections, giving you a picture of the data origins for the workbook.

In the relationship diagram, you can select elements and find more information about them, and drag connection lines to change the shape of the diagram. To learn more about using passwords to analyze workbooks, read Manage passwords used to open files for analysis and comparison. These relationships with other cells can exist in formulas, or references to named ranges. The Excel Compare 3.8 demo is available to all software users as a free download with potential restrictions and is not necessarily the full version of this software. In addition to comparing contents of worksheets, you can use Spreadsheet Compare to check for differences in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code. And what did they do?"

Click Home > Copy Results to Clipboard to copy and paste the results to another program. to the version you want to compare that earlier version against. The Workbook Analysis command creates an interactive report showing detailed information about the workbook and its structure, formulas, cells, ranges, and warnings.
This diagram shows the current workbook on the left and the connections between it and other workbooks and data sources.
If the cells are too narrow to show the cell contents, click Resize Cells to Fit. You need to have two workbooks open in Excel to run this command. Excel Compare is a relatively easy and rather simple tool for comparing the differences between Excel spreadsheets.

In the lower-left pane, choose the options you want included in the workbook comparison, such as formulas, cell formatting, or macros. If you want to save your results or analyze them elsewhere, you can export them to an Excel file or copy and paste them into in another program, such as Microsoft Word.

In Windows 8, you can start Spreadsheet Compare outside of Excel by clicking Spreadsheet Compare on the Apps screen. As you have just seen, Microsoft Excel provides a handful of features to compare data in two or more workbooks. In addition to files saved on your computer or on a network, you can enter a web address to a site where your workbooks are saved. It might have formatting applied to rows or columns you aren't aware of. Excel compare supports all current versions of Microsoft Excel (or even spreadsheet files created in Open Office Calc, but saved for Excel) and allows you to compare all sheets of the same name in two different workbooks. But none of the built-in options is sufficient to comprehensively compare Excel sheets, let alone entire workbooks, spotting all the differences in values, formulas or formatting. Click Home > Export Results. The picture here shows a very simple workbook containing two formulas and data connections to an Access database and a text file.


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