Furthermore, Ankace doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, ESR stylus also offers pixel-perfect precision so that you can draw and take notes with the desired flow. While Ankace may not be a popular name like some of its counterparts, it’s got the quality to be a handy replacement for Apple Pencil. Besides, the 1.2mm POM tip is able to carry out sketching and drawing tasks without any lag. AHAStyle Apple Pencil 1&2 專用小筆尖套 筆尖保護套(8入)低調款 ・產品適用 Apple Pencil 1&2代、華為 M Pencil ・柔軟矽膠材質,大幅降低書寫時產生的噪音,減少筆尖與螢幕的磨損,延長Apple Pencil使用壽命。 ・增加阻尼感防滑,還原紙張書寫觸感,就好像真的寫在紙上般自然。 You have entered an incorrect email address! As for battery life, the company says that it can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, which is a big plus. As for connectivity, it uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad fast. To get going, all you need to do is just turn on the stylus. Ever stumbled upon an iPhone or Mac app and wondered if it has the support for Family Sharing or not?

In terms of battery life, KSW KINGDO can last up to 10 hours.

Just in case you find the $99 price tag of Apple Pencil 1st-generation a bit too much for your budget, here are the 10 best Apple Pencil alternatives for iPad 8 lined up just for you. iPad 的定位從尺寸、效能介於手機和電腦之間的平板,逐漸成為效能能與筆電匹敵的存在,蘋果在 2019 年發表 iPadOS 作業系統,加上 Apple pencil、巧控鍵盤等配件輔助,iPad 儼然有取代筆電之勢。除了收發郵件、打字外,用 Apple pencil 在平板上繪圖、寫字的體驗也相當出色,加上輕薄特性,成為上班族們辦公的好工具。這篇就來討論 iPad 週邊配件之一的 Apple pencil,目前上市的第一代和第二代 Apple pencil 有甚麼差異。, 第 1 代 Apple pencil 最為人詬病之處就在他的充電方式,必須拆下筆套後接上 iPad 的 lightning 充電孔,那個畫面真的是… 有點微妙,當然也可以用 lightning 轉接頭讓筆可以接 USB 線充電,但依然避免不了充電時必須將筆頭上的筆套拆下來,不少使用者反應常在這時候弄丟這個小東西。, 2 代 apple pencil 的充電方式就舒服多了,內部有磁石可以和 iPad 吸引,只要將它靠近平板就會自動吸上去開始充電。, 1 代 Apple pencil 的長度比 2 代還長一些,主要差在筆頭有一個 lightning 接口的緣故,但這個尺寸差異不算是缺點,甚至有些手比較大的人喜歡比較長一些的筆。而兩者的形狀也有點不一樣,1 代 apple pencil 的筆身是圓形的,2 代 apple pencil 則是有一個平面,握感就是見仁見智了,有人喜歡圓形的筆、有人習慣六角鉛筆這種有角度的筆身,小編是覺得兩者都頗順手。, 這是兩代 apple pencil 最大的差異,兩者適用的裝置完全不同、不能共用,以下整理各自適用的 iPad。, 所以在選購 Apple pencil 前先看一下自己 iPad 的型號吧,而還沒購買 iPad ,正在評估要不要買平板跟筆的人,不妨先決定自己要買哪一款 iPad 哩。, 最後要說的是,第 1 代和第 2 代的 Apple Pencil 在使用上,不論繪圖、寫字等觸控感覺都很流暢、精細,兩者這方面來說相當接近,所以小編個人認為不需要有買新不買舊的觀點,反倒是選擇適合自己的 iPad 比較重要。, 繪圖工作者和愛好者常會對 iPad+Apple pencil 的組合能不能取代電繪板有疑問,而關於這點,有不少繪圖工作者認為是可以的,iPad 和 apple pencil 吸引人的地方在於,可以直接在螢幕上作畫,且現在流暢度和繪圖的精細度、使用者體驗都很不錯,已經大幅超越以往手機、平板附贈的電容筆水準,再加上 apple 生態系的完整,在平板上畫好,直接 air drop 到手機、電腦,檔案傳輸和輸出相當方便,從 apple pencil 跟 iPad 配對快速、流暢在螢幕上作圖,到完成作品後的儲存、傳輸處理,整體的使用者體驗都相當出色,也難怪會有這麼多死忠果粉,在軟硬體整合上,蘋果確實有他的一套。電繪工作者或是對電繪有興趣、手繪轉電繪的玩家們,不妨嘗試買台 iPad 和 apple pencil,攜帶方便又好用,不管是學習電繪或是出門工作都適合。. Priced at $34, it’s also among the cheapest Apple Pencil alternatives for iPad 8. Thanks to palm-rejection technology, you will feel comfortable while using the stylus. Besides, the point tip also provides a paper-like drag to make writing and drawing feel more fluid. However, you can count on it to get through the usual tasks like drawing and writing without any noticeable lag. On top of all, it’s also compatible with a ton of apps including Goodnotes, Photoshop sketch, Procreate, Concepts, Note plus, Illustrator draw, Autodesk sketchbook, and more. Though it can’t make a match with Apple Pencil in terms of precision, you will find it up to the task. One of my favorite features of Crayon is the smoothness with which it handles different tasks. (新規ウインドウで開きます)

Additionally, it delivers up to 20 hours of battery life which should be more than enough to last multiple stints. 那我不畫圖,要買 apple pencil 嗎?依然可以買,上課、上班作筆記都可以用,用平板寫筆記可以讓版面乾乾淨淨,而且環保、檔案好攜帶,沒試過用平板做筆記的人不妨買來試試,會有種發現新大陸的感覺哩 (? Going by the sheer numbers (4.6 stars out of more than 10.5K ratings), this offering from JAMJAKE appears to be one of the most popular styluses on Amazon. すべて表示 As for the connection, all you need to do to get started is to activate it, which is more helpful than using an app or Bluetooth. 2012年発売の第1世代より5世代目。4年振りで最新の第5世代のみ第1世代Apple Pencilが使用できるようになりました。iPad最軽の300グラム。 iPad Air 第3世代 10.5インチ (2019) 純正キーボード対応。Airシリーズで第1世代Apple Pencilが使用できるようになりました。 Probably the best part about Adonit Pixel is the improved 1.9mm Pixel point tip that offers better accuracy. Whether you find Apple Pencil’s white color boring for your taste or you are hunting for an attractive digital pen, KSW KINGDO is the one I would recommend you to check out. Furthermore, Logitech Crayon supports hundreds of Apple Pencil supported apps, ensuring you can use the digital pencil to go about your business without having to face compatibility issues. こちら Notably, it features a replaceable nib and comes with the essential palm-rejection technology. Unlike the original Apple Pencil, it features a modern-looking form-factor. Home Best Gallery 10 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives for iPad 8. For the folks who are looking for a decent Apple Pencil substitute at a cheap price point, Milemont is worth checking out. The stylus features an ergonomic design that graces your fingers with much-improved gripping. The 1.2mm nib may not be as sensitive and precise as that of Apple Pencil, but it shouldn’t disappoint you. When it comes to palm rejection, Crayon is top-notch, allowing you to rest your palm on the screen with the desired convenience while writing, drawing, or editing photos. That’s not all, MPIO also has the trusted palm rejection feature that ensures you don’t need to use a glove while writing. 第一代和第二代 Apple Pencil 到底差在哪?沒有電繪需求值得買嗎?apple pencil 充電、續航力等問題這篇一次解答,再推薦2個和 apple pencil 搭配的 app,不管是作筆記還是畫圖,有 iPad 加 Apple pencil 就搞定,想買 Apple pencil 就看這篇整理! And yes, it can even go head-to-head against Apple’s first-gen Apple Pencil on most fronts. 一部のみ表示. With the 1.4mm fine tip, it offers the required control while drawing. In a nutshell, it’s an affordable substitute for Apple Pencil which you can buy to use with your iPad 8. The stylus has a 1.4mm tip which is fully capable to deliver desired control while sketching or taking notes. Taking everything into account, Adonit Pixel is a complete alternative to Apple Pencil.
Apple Pencil(第 1 代)可以搭配以下 iPad 機型: iPad(第 8 代) iPad mini(第 5 代) iPad(第 7 代) iPad(第 6 代) iPad Air(第 3 代) iPad Pro 12.9 英寸(第 1 代或第 2 代) iPad Pro 10.5 英寸; iPad Pro 9.7 英寸; 不確定您的 iPad 是什麼機型?請參閱相關資訊來辨識您的 iPad 機型。 發佈日期: 2020 年 10 月 … Do let us know your top pick in the comments below. As for the natural writing feeling, it shouldn’t disappoint you courtesy the inclusion of the palm-rejection technology. Plus, the exterior also offers much better ergonomics that make it easier for your fingers to grip. Furthermore, it doesn’t require Bluetooth to connect with your iPad and offers up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. Be it the solid 10.2″ Retina display, robust A12 Bionic chip, or the much-improved cameras, the tablet shines where it really counts. For more than one reason, the all-new iPad 8 is a complete entry-level iPad for most people. So, you can use it to carry out various tasks.

What if you want a stylus that not only works with iPad but also iPhone (why not with the large-screen devices like iPhone 11 Pro Max) and comes in some nice-looking colors? Being available for $30, it deserves a shot on your iPad 8 as a reliable digital pen. As compared to many other Apple Pencil substitutes, the battery life does seem below par. プライバシーポリシー利用規約販売条件Legal Informationサイトマップ, 税込表示の商品と税別表示の製品があります。税別価格の商品につきましては、税別と表示しています。. Priced at $16, it can certainly claim to be a cheap yet quite efficient Apple Pencil competitor. ご使用中のiPadはApple Pencil(第二世代)に対応したモデルでしょうか? Apple Pencil(第2世代)を購入 - Apple(日本)より 対応しているiPadのモデル iPad Pro(12.9インチ)(第4世代) iPad Pro(12.9インチ)(第3世代) iPad Pro(11インチ)(第2世代) iPad Pro(11インチ)(第1世代) iPad Air(第4世代) For all being in the cheap category, it has got a neat design that has a lot of similarities with Apple’s offering. iPhone   iPad   Mac   Apple Watch   Apple ID   Apple Pay   Apple TV   iCloud   Homepod   写真  ミュージック, 世界で最も先を行くデスクトップ OS のパワーと美しさを、次のレベルへ。macOS Big Sur の登場です。この機会にアップデートして macOS Big Sur フォーラムディスカッションにご参加ください。, Ipad proにて使用できずに困っています。やはり修理に出すしかないのでしょうか???, iPadを再起動、Apple Pencilのペアリングを解除してもう一度ペアリングしてみてはいかがでしょうか, 2020/10/19 23:05 あきよし28 への返信 The digital pencil features a better-looking design that can offer the essential grip so that you can hold it perfectly while carrying out your task. The stylus has got a modern-looking design that not only lives up to mark but also enhances your drawing and note-taking experience. Well, I have specifically picked out Domiy for the folks who just need a simple stylus that can do all the basic stuff. Furthermore, the nib is quite sensitive, allowing you to write thoughts and draw without any pain. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Besides, it has a 1.5mm pen tip that’s quite efficient for drawing or sketching. Beyond design, it’s also up to the mark when it comes to drawing and writing. Another stylus that packs a solid punch way above its weight is Blooding. Not to mention, most of them also work pretty well with the iPhone. From a user’s perspective, it’s a must-have feature. If that’s you, you should give a close look at it. Another feature that makes ESR’s offering a notable substitute for Apple Pencil is the ability to work instantly without needing to be paired via Bluetooth. * You will receive the latest news and updates on your favorite celebrities!

While no one can deny the excellent precision and sensitivity that the original Apple Pencil delivers, the digital pen lacks an ergonomic design. Introduced alongside HomePod mini, "Intercom" offers a quick and seamless way to let family members communicate with one another at home. Many of them sport better design and come at a fraction of Apple Pencil’s price. It features a good-looking profile that offers the needed grip so that you can hold the stylus comfortably. Better still, Adonit Pixel also features enhanced pressure sensitivity and palm rejection technology. 請務必將 Apple Pencil(第 2 代)置於 iPad 右邊的磁力接點的中心點上。若為 Apple Pencil(第 1 代),請移除帽蓋,並將 Apple Pencil 插入 iPad 的 Lightning 連接器。 重新啟動 iPad,然後嘗試重新配對。 前往「設定」>「藍牙」,確定藍牙已開啟。 For more than one reason, the all-new iPad 8 is a complete entry-level iPad for most people.

However, you can count on it to easily last 2-3 normal sessions of writing. And that too at a price tag ($329) that can comfortably fits into most wallets. What’s more, many of them offer better gripping and also come in some good-looking color variants. Overall, MPIO is among the best Apple Pencil alternatives for the 8th-gen iPad.
This is where the third-party styluses come into the reckoning. What’s more, it comes with a fully capable battery that can last up to 12 hours after just one hour of charging. There you go! Thus, you can pick the stylus that can get along nicely with your iPad and your profile. That means you can just turn it on and start working. 購入のご相談は Due largely to the quirky elements, slow-motion videos never cease to amaze.


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