This'd probably be great … to your account. where I can get the Gaussian YOLOv3 config file? • AlexeyAB/darknet I average the elements in each yolo layer, and sum the 3 values for the 3 yolo layers. A higher iou_loss shifts the priorities to more accurate IoU (coordinates and sizes) of the object (increases AP75), but to a less accurate prediction of the class_id (decreases AP50).

Just set valid=train.txt in file, Gaussian yolo got high avgloss in the train, @guozhengjin when i used the original framework,i didn't change the burn_in to 2000,maybe this had some affect Yes, normalizers have a tremendous effect on performance.

This command evolves an unlimited number of generations using (starting from the current hyps): See ultralytics/yolov3#392 for full details. Network with Gaussian yolo layer get lower confidence of object, (using the command: ./darknet detector map build/darknet/x64/data/ build/darknet/x64/cfg/yolo-obj.cfg build/darknet/x64/backup/yolo-obj_best_95_3class_customAnchor.weights & ./darknet detector map build/darknet/x64/data/ build/darknet/x64/cfg/yolo-obj.cfg build/darknet/x64/backup/yolo-obj_best_95_3class_customAnchor.weights -iou_thresh 0.75).
I want to use the Gaussian_yolov3_BDD.cfg training to use darknet53.conv.74 or Gaussian_yolov3_BDD.weights.

展示map-loss曲线(需要opencv)./darknet detector train cfg/ cfg/yolo.cfg -dont_show -mjpeg_port 8090 -map. The highest fitness offspring is in blue. Shouldn't the map be 100 percent?

Then I used some python scripts to calculate mAP from the predicted results. Hi @AlexeyAB , I know you are very busy but could you please consider my issue. Neural networks have enabled state-of-the-art approaches to achieve incredible results on computer vision tasks such as object detection. So for example all 9 anchors might be paired or none at all. on COCO, DATA AUGMENTATION

questionsHigh mAP@0.5 but very low mAP@0.75. Sign in • AlexeyAB/darknet See ultralytics/yolov3#392. There are a huge number of features which are said to improve Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) accuracy.
I train a new object(custom data) by using yolo_mark and dartknet and get new weights.

@AlexeyAB Thanks for the great work ! 提升分辨率:416--> 608等必须是32倍数.

of [yolo]/[Gaussian_yolo] layers in cfg? Too big bounding box.


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