Verify your account Checked USB 3.0 support and enabled all ports. Select on-screen keyboard option and type the password.

Tried wired Plain Jane keyboards and mice to no avail, touchscreen no longer working, had to give up and start over.

CAUTION: A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid the problem. The only thing I can think of is that this model of Dell Precision was not tested in the Fall Creator update back in OCT17 by Dell. Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams I did add/remove from device manager, however I did not try installing manually.

It also could be possible that Windows 10 is not supported for this machine all together. This is probably something dumb with Windows 10. "Keyboard not found. BYE, BYE Dell I also tried the Intel USB 3.0 Extensible host ones from the Intel website and they also did not work. I would think many others would report the issue. It was one of those play around until it works, then forget about it moments later though. I did one more test and was able to read/write a flash drive, but not a desktop scanner or other brand/model keyboard and mouse. Keyboard is not connected properly.

On switching the desktop computer on the following message is displayed "Keyboard not found. On switching the desktop computer on the following message is displayed.

Please connect USB keyboard to a USB port on the computer. Brandon Senseney Uninstalling the KB4074588 and a reboot did the trick! I did boot the machine and look again for this one in particular and sure enough it resolved the issue.
Yes, most posts are old stuff or the printer kind and I have seen it too on some of my machines. Ensure that there are no stuck keys on the keyboard. Microsoft global customer service number. This is definitely is a driver issue because both sets of k/m work in the BIOS. Verify that the keyboard is connected correctly to the computer by turning off your computer and then disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard to the computer. Ensure that there are no stuck keys on the keyboard. I have a Dell OPTIPLEX 380 with Windows 7 loaded.

I uninstalled the latest update and the keyboard and mouse worked! I fired up my old no-name tower, XP started but the USB keyboard didnt work.

I'll try out the ones Rod-IT linked. Can't figure it out and don't have time to blow this machine away and rebuild. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a, official I tried a different keyboard, but not a different model.

on UK or French versions of Windows 10 before releasing it. They have also tried using the keyboard/mouse in question on another computer, and it works just fine, so I know this is an issue with the drivers on the particular computer(s). The only way I can use the machine is to LogMeIn to it (that might be something too?). Antec doesn't make them these days, and they've been making power supplys a long, long time. It acts as a temporary keyboard in-case your keyboard does not work. Showed up with same "Device driver unavailable."

Can you please tell me what the update was by any chance so I can see if I have the same? It is a microsoft curve with the latest drivers. If all keys seem okay and you have a standard desktop keyboard, turn it over and gently tap the back to dislodge any stuck dirt or hair.

I have not tried this yet, but that is my next step before having to reload Windows completely.
I ran into this exact same issue on one of our PC's and couldn't quite track down what was causing the issue. For example, plugging in a mouse would cause the red light on it to appear for several seconds before turning off. Logitech USB Receiver and touchscreen on Dell Latitude E7270 stopped working. or "Keyboard not found". Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an

Please try another make/model of keyboard lets rule out what it is and isn't, I am having the same issue with, now 2 computers, at a client where they have tried different keyboards/mice on the affected computers and all show up as "The drivers for this device are not installed.

Windows 10 Upgrade from 1903 to 20H2 from WSUS, Windows 10 Pro Keyboard/Mouse: Driver is Unavailable, View this "Best Answer" in the replies below ». The drivers from Intel were the only way to fix it. I DO NOT recommend modern power supplies with a single +12 v output. I have a location that reported this on 7 HP workstations in the store.

I'm still Win7 / Win10 right now, so just seeing some of the weird drivers and permission stuff. Tried reinstalling the software with the re-install DVD, but since the keyboard is in operational, I cannot select any choice. 1709 - OS Build 16299.248 Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I have been involved with PC’s since th 8086’s of early 1990s and I have never seen such a thing in a brand name computer. The USB mouse came with 50 computers, so maybe it justifies to understand what happen and to solve the issue instead of avoiding the problem. If you have any USB 2 ports try using them instead. Besides, we like to understand and to explain to our clients what happened, it's the way we like to provide our IT services. technical support services. Dell has abandoned it’s earlier Vostro customers. I tried a different keyboard and mouse. Dell is actually sending me an exchange but it's already been over 2 weeks and they still have not shipped it. The USB devices would return a code 28. The software, for the Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard, was downloaded from the MICROSOFT website as I was instructed to do. official

I have a Dell Dimension 4300 XP Pro/SP3 and installed a new MICROSOFT Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard. Good luck! I tried these and they did not work. Thanks. KB4074588 I am seeing this pop up ALOT with client devices.

Feb 19, 2018 at 21:51 UTC. I have a Dell OPTIPLEX 380 with Windows 7 loaded. I was having this same issue, just with a different model of keyboard/mouse (Dell machine and wireless keyboard/mouse combo) and after uninstalling the KB4074588 update like michellelieske suggested, the issue was resolved. I've run into USB driver issues with a few older printers and it turned out they don't work well on USB 3 ports.

to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.

Guess Microsoft didn't test it the I had this same issue. They're all typically the same generic Dell keyboards.

Have you tried other M/K to confirm they work and limit the issue purely to a driver issue? michellelieske and JAMcKee - Thank you so much for posting this solution! I don't think this is a cumulative update. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device.". strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. Drivers were not updated, so either some other driver might work or there is no telling if something could hose the drivers all together. Allowed the update to reinstall and the problem is still fixed. The issue was that most USB devices would not be recognized, as well as the touch screen would not work.


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