Bob Bakert, JGT Editor: I got to know Pat Martino’s longtime manager, producer Joe Donofrio while working on the cover story we did on Pat back in August. Considered a guitar protégé in his early days, he has kept up to it till today by embracing in his music innovation, progression and a distinct technique.

Copyright Jazz Guitar Online 2020 © All rights Reserved. Pat used repeated licks to build energy, especially in the drums, and while it may be a cliche now, this is still a classic lick that’s worth adding to your vocabulary.

His talents outshines his peers for being extraordinarily versatile.

Great article! Hector came to our attention via one of our JGT contributors – thanks John Stowell! As well, there is a repeated melodic phrase used in this line, combining two of Martino’s favorite concepts for building energy in his improvised lines. With the current pandemic happening, I get numerous calls, both domestic and international, from friends and associates and always as a part of the conversation, I would be asked about my most renowned client, Pat Martino. Instead, the line is highly chromatic, running six chromatic notes in a row during the repeated phrase, from F down to C. When doing so, Martino starts the lick on the 2nd 16th note of the phrase, which also gives it a syncopated feel as you repeat the phrase over a series of measures, as you can hear in the lick below. Most people don’t know that Pat has a great sense of humor and at any given time, it may surface. Pat Martino emerged as a jazz guitarist in the sixties, releasing his first album El Hombre in 1967. He wants to know how everyone is doing and very concerned about the well being of some of the more susceptible people he may know.

[1][2], Allmusic awarded the album 4½ stars stating "Martino performs music that falls between advanced hard bop, fusion and the avant-garde without really fitting into any of the genres. Jazz Guitar Licks Index – Licks From Over 40 Great Jazz Musicians, 5 Paul Desmond Licks From The Take 5 Solo, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra, The first concept to explore is the opening four notes of the line (A-B-G#-A). Sunny was performed and recorded by hundreds of artists, including Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Shirley Bassey. If the second chord would be a major chord, change the last note to an E natural in order to resolve it to a Cmaj7 chord rather than a Cm7 chord.

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Lastly, check out the Bb-C-D-F notes over C7, which is a 1235 pattern from the b7 of that chord. (1972) because of the amazing solo that spans nearly 5 minutes. .

His talents outshines his peers for being extraordinarily versatile.

But, by breaking down his solos into phrases, analyzing those phrases, and taking the underlying concepts to your own playing, you will be able to get that legendary Pat vibe in your solos. Also, you’ll see a number of chromatic passing notes, such as the Ab, Eb, and Db notes in the second bar of the line.

Apart from studying single-notes when digging into Martino’s soloing concepts, you’ll also want to dig into his use of double-stops and chords in his soloing phrases. In this lick, you’ll work on a mixture of arpeggios and scale notes as you outline the changes over the tune Sunny. You can see two and three-note shapes being used in this line to create energy throughout the phrase.

Incidentally, he’s not the first soloist to quote Bumblebee — on Jimmy Smiths’s “Sermon”, the alto player quotes it. It’s a simpler thought process that can be applied almost universally and is compatible with the minor bebop scale, and, also, since any major or minor chord can be preceded by its dominant. [5] Pat Martino has been also referred to as a man who had to struggle to survive because of his health problem that threatened his outstanding career.

Though it’s not always the case, often Pat Martino will play skips (arpeggios) up, followed by steps (scales or chromatic notes) down. You’ll notice diatonic arpeggios being used in the following ways: As you can see, there are some arpeggios that outline the direct chord that Pat’s soloing over, while others are subs that come from the related key center.


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