or through screen mirroring (the apps block the mirroring function). 2017–2019 BMW 2 Series e.g. Option 2: Retrofitting Carplay with BimmerTech's CarPlay MMI Prime, A simple and budget-friendly way to get CarPlay in an older BMW is with BimmerTech’s special, that connects to the head unit and iDrive screen. For the BMW CarPlay setup, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and pair it with the CarPlay MMI following the prompts on your iPhone’s screen. also lets you play videos from a USB thumb drive, or connect an Android phone to, use Android Auto on your BMW's dashboard display, . Remote easy-to-use solutions for BMW car retrofits, navigation map updates and chip tuning — both for workshop services and owners. Full FSC retrofit activation including Navigation, Voice Control, BMW Apps and CarPlay, High Definition 8.8"/10.25" screen (depending on your BMW model), All other parts required to perform the retrofit based on your car specification. A full head unit and software upgrade includes: In order to check out the installation process, have a look at our video tutorial on fitting NBT EVO ID5/ID6 into BMW 3-Series F30. Turn it on with the switch of a button on your iDrive controller. If you're interested in upgrading your older car with BMW CarPlay (aftermarket option included), read on for a few possible solutions. Update FSC Codes ( including Carplay)5. ERROR: There was a problem checking your VIN. In addition to the above mentioned features, CarPlay MMI Prime has a number of compatible add-ons that can be included in your order for a much lower price: The MMI in the CarPlay kit lowers the cost of BimmerTech camera retrofits, because they are connected to the same module. FEMTO OBD Flasher. You will also benefit from having a 100% seamless retrofit and be able to retain BMW ConnectedDrive Services provided that your subscription is still active.

We’ll help you choose the right upgrade kit to make your CarPlay upgrade simple and without any extra parts that you don’t need to install. Copyright © 2020 BMW Coding : Bimmer Unlock Apple Carplay, FSC Code, Video In Motion Unlock (VIM), BMW Road Map Update 2019, USB Coding, USB Activation, BMW Software, BMW Retrofit, iDrive ID5 ID6, Bimmertech, America, Europe, Canada, Germany, UK For instance, in NBT type head units i. F06, F12, F13, G32, Although only vehicles produced after 2017 are officially compatible with Apple CarPlay, the right. Please try again using your full 17-digit VIN, or select your model and year below.

BMW CarPlay is quite a recent thing.

, require a more complicated upgrade — the entire NBT EVO ID5/ID6 set will need to be retrofitted. For a better understanding of the installation process, you can also watch our instructional video: NOTE: While the installation of CarPlay MMI Prime for NBT and later head units is manageable even for inexperienced DIY’ers, the installation of CarPlay MMI Prime for CIC is a bit more tedious and requires advanced DIY skills. Anticipating your “Can Apple CarPlay play Netflix?” question, unfortunately, there is no way to watch HBO, Hulu or Netflix on CarPlay or through screen mirroring (the apps block the mirroring function).

errorClass : '']], How to Retrofit CarPlay into a 2016 or Older BMW. The moment a new iOS version is released, it's enough to update your iPhone to use all the latest features and improvements on your vehicle’s screen.

With a ID6 Software, it’s possible for the HU to restart if you calculate longer distances in navigation maps.I recommend not using the BMW navigation maps, but Waze or Google Maps or Apple Maps! Create an account. To see the process for yourself, watch our YouTube tutorial below: The installation of CarPlay MMI Prime is completely plug & play with no coding or permanent modifications required. Yes, if you are coming from a vehicle that has a ID4 NBT EVO Navigation System, you will only need to replace the head unit and Wifi Antenna and no additional add-ons would be required. To see the process for yourself, watch our YouTube tutorial below: The installation of CarPlay MMI Prime is completely plug & play with no coding or permanent modifications required. It also has a built-in 8-band equalizer for additional customization.


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